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Styx's Storm by Lora Leigh
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Feb 15, 2012

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bookshelves: enhanced-human, fantasy-romance, sensuous

** spoiler alert ** hmmmm... gotta love those breeds... Storme's father (and brother) worked in the first labs... her father was in on the creation of the Breeds... but her father and brother loved the breeds, abhorred the atrocities and did what they could to protect & free them... and they were working on Omega (what is Omega? we're never sure - except the Vanderale, who injected himself and Jonas' adopted daughter with something - daughter's only symptoms so far are purring & a smell - Vanderale 's symptoms body/organs regenerating but his mental disintegrating... something with the mating hormones & humans & add genetics to existing humans (not zygots) and longer life? hmmm)... when the Breeds were being freed, dad & brother hid a data chip in 14-year old Storme's mother's ring and told her to hold onto it, and to give it to the one he sent for her.. and they destroyed the data in the complex' computers... and sent her out through a hidden tunnel - and before they could escape or the good Breeds could get to them, a Council breed coyote (Marx Whitman) kills her brother then her father (chomping on their jugulars) - and she saw...

Storme hates Breeds, her father loved them more than her... the breeds she saw (tortured & caged) acted like animals... the coyote killed her family... and for 10 years she was on the run... She kept as current as possible .. council is halfheartedly yet continually after her... Breeds (especially Jonas) extended invitations to come in to them for protection... and the breeds started sending agents to shadow and protect her... waiting for her to be ready to come to them... Styx became her guard 2 years ago...

and with Vanderale's threat, and obscure references to Omega, Storme and the information she has is now in demand... and Jonas asks the scientists to see if Storme is a potential mate to any Breed, and they find Styx as a match... (who has been fascinated by her)....

Styx is Scottish, a wolf - direct link to the first to use the genetics - Dougal Mackenzie... his life was easier than many breeds - he was taught to be a spy - which includes seduction... he keeps a better handle on angry emotions than many breeds... he enjoys women and chocolate... he is charming and good lucking...

And Storme is at the end of her rope - she is exhausted, her motel/car broken into and much of her stuff missing... at the bar she is hiding out at, in walk in 4 breeds - she doesn't recognize Styx, though she recognizes the rest... she and Styx exchange a soulful look... he takes her in his arms to dance... she leaves (thinking he did not recognize her or her smell)... she is confronted by council breeds, and rescued by Styx... and he takes her to safety, to his luxurious hotel - and seduces her - her thinking that he doesn't know who she is, he recognizing her as his mate - though when they have sex, the mating hormones & barb hover, but don't fully 'extend'..

and thus starts 6 weeks of Styx and Storme... he takes her to his home at Haven - insisting it is his right - a mate that isn't mated - Jonas wants her at Sanctuary... They continue to have sex (hot sex!)- both are pulled to one another... but her hatred and distrust of the Breeds keep them away from her and her away from them... They demand the chip, she denies having it... and no one really tries to explain things to her. The social wolf & coyote meet at night for communal dinner - and she watches them from the porch... Though Styx threatens her (with a spanking) if she doesn't behave, he never is less than gentle and loving with her... they (the doctor's and himself) theorize that the mating is not full because of Styx will not force her love, or because he doesn't 100% trust her not to betray them... hmmmm

And bit by bit, as Styx leaves her to reason it out herself, she acknowledges her anger and hurt from her father, she sees the Breeds as more than animals - that there are good and bad... she realizes she loves Styx... and at the 10th anniversary of the wolf leader & his mate, Styx requires that Storme join the celebration... and as Storme sees their love... sees all of the mates' love... she realizes her father would want her to give the chip to the Breeds - and makes the invitation to Styx, Jonas, & wolf king... but then the Coyote who killed her father and brother is there - and there is uproar, pulling people away from the dancing... the coyote is protected as pre freedom acts are no longer punishable... but then explosions start around the compound... the coyote, not knowing she was there was part of an attack on the compound... Styx grabs her to protect her, but is knocked out by flying wood... and the coyote takes her...

and her father's cabin, they are about to rape & torture her to get the information... she thinks Styx must be dead or he would be there to rescue her... she makes her bid for freedom (out the window again)... and gets somewhat away, but falls and is unconscious just as Styx gets to her...

At Styx's home, Cassie tells Styx that Storme thought he was dead, and approach her accordingly, and that she is pregant with a girl...

She awakens ... and... yeah... they now fully mate, fully expressing their love for one another. and first reports on the information on the chip are promising for Jonas' daughter... ahhhh

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