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Ugly by Constance Briscoe
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Jul 20, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: couldn-t-finish
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Well I almost finished it...I ended up skipping and skimming through most of it towards the end. Poorly written, poor grammar throughout, like a child wrote it instead of an adult (and she's now a judge?). She was more descriptive about dresses, church scenes, cleaning, than she was about the abuse she suffered. Also if you are writing using words and terminology that people in other parts of the world aren't exposed to; a section detailing what they stood for would of been nice. Most of the time I had to guess what she meant. I got bored with this story pretty quickly, it was repetitive, I read the same abuse over and over, her narrative was awful!
As for her being abused as a child, that I don't doubt and my heart aches for a child abused as she was STILL this book could HAVE been much better written.
My final conclusion? A waste of precious reading time!
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November 21, 2008 –
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29.25% "not sure if I like this book yet. it's getting repetitive and I am becoming bored with reading it."
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November 22, 2008 – Shelved as: couldn-t-finish

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message 1: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger I didn't know you had this! If you haven't promised it to anyone and are planning on listing it can I read it when you're done? I kind of want to see what you think first though because I've heard about it from a few different people/reviews and I'm wondering what your thoughts are.

message 2: by Love (new) - added it

Love I heard this almost same review of this book someplace else..Maybe Amazon so I guess I am not going to keep this on my WL...Pecious reading time and credits to get it.Maybe if EVA gives a more glowing review I wil change my mind but I do not intend at this point to get it..Thanks because I almost ordered it today!

Jeannie I think Eva ended up with my would need to check with her. you know what is really funny is how we met and I told you I had a friend on here I wanted you to meet? well that was Eva. and you two are already friends. What a small world! LoL!!
welcome to the circle!

message 4: by Love (new) - added it

Love lol I went to add you and I saw Eva and said to myself that must be the

Jeannie and it was Eva! she told me last night she should of introduced us to each other herself, but hey, reading the genre we all do we were bound to run into each other sooner or later!

message 6: by Petra X (new)

Petra X I never notice American books including glossaries so that people from the rest of the world would understand the terminology. Why would a UK book do that?

Jeannie It was just a thought, I have seen other books that do it...just would have been nice to have it in this one cause seriously honey she had me lost.

message 8: by Love (new) - added it

Love I have had a few like that ~ after you read two or three like it you get the
I actually looked some up online.

Jeannie that would work! Still...was just saying. LOL

Hannah The grammar was not at fault at all except where there was a dialect which uses different speech and language patterns to standard English. To be honest someone who writes "could of" instead of "could have" is in no position to be judging someone else's grammar. People in glass houses and all that...

Jeannie OUCH!! nice Hannah. Sorry you don't like my review, but honestly it's my opinion. To come on here and insult me is quite rude. Now go back to your own reviews and play around ok?

message 12: by Love (new) - added it

Love Wheres the "like"

Jeannie well hell's one thing to disagree with someone else's review but to insult them is another. I think she's a bit anal to be picking on my grammar. LOL

message 14: by Love (new) - added it

Love I saw the comment she made as soon as she posted it...thought it was a bit harsh since its your oppinion. LOL

Jeannie I "think" she liked this book!!! Too bad so many others don't agree with her. Wonder if she wrote insults on their reviews too? When I find the time to care enough...haha..I might go looking. :))

message 16: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Rutter Actually nobody asked for your opinion Hannah so go throw stones at someone else's glass house and all that...

message 17: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Rutter I read a book where the writer wrote exactly as they talk, and they were Irish, so it took some work. The story being told was worth the read as I had no idea the Irish did forced marriages. I thought I had this book, but I guess not. I don't like long descriptions so this doesn't sound like one for me.

Teshai You do realize she wrote the book this way intentially, as if she was still a little girl.

Jeannie whether she did or not Cassie, I didn't care for that kind of writing. It was tedious and hard to read. This is only MY review, not the end of the world. :)

message 20: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Finch just wondering what issues people have when they get so bent over someones opinion.. I thought an opinion was to get other peoples thoughts about a book. so maybe Hannah needs a life

Jeannie LOL!!! thanks Dawn. I agree!

message 22: by Love (new) - added it

Love Haha!! We are all intitled to our oppinions. Some ( lots) of people on here seem to forget that...

message 23: by Kinga (new)

Kinga I do think that book was absolutely horrible, but please do correct that terrible 'could of'. It is 'could've' i.e. short for 'could have'. Otherwise you will be inviting that sort of comments as the one above.

Jeannie I'm not an a author or writer of a published book so don't put me in that category Knga. thanks

Jeannie OOPS...imagine you're gonna jump down my throat for spelling your name wrong. Must suck to be SO anal you have to go onto other peoples reviews and opinions of books they have read so you can feel big by commenting in the negative. MY opinion IS my opinion...make fun of me all you only prove my point.

message 26: by Kinga (last edited Dec 13, 2013 02:04PM) (new)

Kinga ?? I actually agreed with your opinion! It was just a piece of advice telling you to correct a glaring grammar mistake because you criticise the author for making grammar mistakes and people will use that irony to devalue your opinion (like someone who commented above did) At no point did I 'jump your throat'. And thanks for calling me 'anal' - did this make you feel better? I am not sure why you were so rude to me.

Jeannie I don't care about the irony that you and others see in my review. I am not correcting it, like I said I'm not a published author and never claimed to be. I write one word "incorrectly" and take heat for it yet this book was full of them and it made it very hard to read. that is my opinion, sorry if you think I was rude to you but I felt you were rude to me. This is why I have stopped writing reviews on this site...sick of being attacked for my view. so if I jumped to that conclusion with you I apologize.


message 29: by Oldham Rocker (new)

Oldham Rocker Kinga wrote: "?? I actually agreed with your opinion! It was just a piece of advice telling to correct a glaring grammar mistake because you criticise the author for making grammar mistakes and people will use t..."

You left out the word 'you' in the second sentence between 'telling' and 'to.' ;)

message 30: by Kinga (new)

Kinga Ah thanks! I will correct it

Jeannie now that's funny OldRocker!!!

Tamara Cobacoglo you are so full of it. I'd like to read your perfectly written biography after you've been abused as much as Constance has. GROW A HEART!

Jeannie you know nothing about me Tamara or who I am so to come on here and tell me to grow a heart is really quite rude. This is my opinion and my review of this book as I saw it. If you don't like it...tough!

Ijeoma Uwakwe Jeanie am surprised at the way you think despite ur age lol. Anyways these are memories of a young Jamaican child although also British. She tried to reflect the way she saw things as a child then, which makes it very easy for a child to relate to. U don't expect proper English from all part of this book bcos u should know how they speak. She even emphasized on the fact that her step dad wasn't educated. English of cos is spoken in different ways by others who ain't white. For example how do the black Americans speak. Anyways it's a pity u don't relate. I guess mainly black people would. Sometimes people should remember that was the way things were for her. She was tryna share her experience. Maybe u should write urs let's read.

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