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Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen
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Feb 15, 2012

it was amazing

Girl, Interrupted is a story about a girl who suffers from a mental illness she is diagnosed with (borderline personality). It is about a 17 year old girl who gets put into a mental hospital. The story begins when she overdoses on Advil and passes out at the meat market. As the story goes on you get to learn more about the main character Susanna. She gets admitted to the hospital on April 27, 1967 and was discharged January 3, 1969. Most of the story takes place in the Mclean mental hospital. You learn many things about many young girls who suffer with mental illness and will never get to experience the normal activities we take place in everyday owning a home, Having a boyfriend, getting a job, these things don’t come easy to someone with a mental illness. But how do we decide if you have a mental illness? How far do you have to go to be proven insane? Are you insane? Or are you made to believe you are? These young girls are all living at the Mclean hospital all with different illnesses some the same some milder then others. As you learn about Susanna you will see she seems to be the least insane and she seems to be trapped in a place of insanity.

I think the author did an amazing job with this book. She describes the way the characters feel in a way that makes you feel like you are there. She gets very personal and gives all the good details the reader wants to hear. The story is very touching and it makes you get a feel of the emotions of the characters at that time. They diagnose the girl with Borderline Personality Disorder to many that may just be a longer term for schizophrenic but as you read you learn a lot more about what it really is. I thought this book was so amazing and I loved reading it. Susanna bonds with many other people in the institute and you get to learn about other people’s disorders and their lives. You learn so much about the feelings these people have and the emotions that they can’t control. It shows you how easy it is to get into the hospital but getting discharged is a task.

If I had to rate this book, I would rate it pretty high I thought this was a good book. It is very touching and gives lots of details about the characters. I would rate this a 5 for being one of the best books I have read I would recommended this to other people
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message 1: by Chaybubbles (new)

Chaybubbles Hi, I totally agree I would would give this book high ratings as well, becuase its a very odd, funny , poignant, and interesting book. I aslo agree with what you said , you do learn about what people with illnesses go through. In the book the patients didnt really have a life. They had fifteen , five or half-hour checks all the time. They couldnt take walks outside. They could'nt drive, go out like normal people which is sad. And when the patients misbehave which the nurses called it "acting out" they would send them to the seclusion room. I believe that is sad and a horrible punishment. If they're diagnosis with a certain mental illiness , that means they can't help it. So why punish them for something they can't control? However, Susanna found a way to make it work by finding friends and she became very close with Lisa. I definitely liked how the author added nurse documents about her progress in the hospital. It gave a more visual effect to the story. Susanna did seem the least insane becuase when her and Lisa try to get the nurse attention they'll act crazy when they really not "insane" as the nurses say they are. But when Susanna bit her knuckle becuase she wanted know if she had bones , I thought she was going a little crazy there. I also thought it was really messed up that she didnt find out that she was charged with "Borderline Personality Disorder" until twenty-five years later, becuase they told her had a character disorder. This book is good you learn not to judge people and to except them for who they are, and many people are different even if they have a mental illness or not.
I truely like how the authors writes this story not ashame of her past. Overall this was a funny, sad, wierd book all in one. I would definitely read this book again and recommend this to other people.

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