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Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd
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Feb 15, 2012

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Pattie comes across as an empty-headed, pretty blonde. Someone who can repeat a single word for 7 hours. (Try it).

I assume there must be more to her to retain so many friends and capture the attention of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, but Boyd, or perhaps more pertinently the journalist who helped write this book, couldn't evoke it.

Pattie is better at detailing what went wrong in the relationships than revealing what it felt like to get into them, and perhaps that's understandable from a divorcee, whose identity was so tied up with the men she was with.

But shame on the journalist for failing to winkle out of Pattie what preconceptions she had about George, and what it was about the man rather than the image that she presumably fell in love with. Maybe there wasn't anything. I mean, heck I would have married George given the chance. But here is a woman who got the chance and achieved what a million women desired, so what were those first heady days like? And was it a shock or a wonderful surprise when he wasn't quite like the manufactured image?

Halway through reading this I started reading 'Just Kids' by Pattie Smith, someone I knew little about. Only got in a little way, but each paragraph is drenched with love and feeling, and the prize of being young and alive, and living the day. And when she finds her soul-mate, you know exactly why she should feel that way.

Just wish a writer of her calibre and humanity had been able to perch on Pattie B's shoulder.


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