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Black Dawn by Rachel Caine
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Feb 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read on May 02, 2012

Ooops hold your horses guys possible teasers and spoilers in here....

Okay don't say I didn't warn you?!!!

Now carry on.....

Hey so I just finished reading this book I mean just now actually and I'm still having the after -effects of it.....
So let's go to my review ..there's a lot I like about this book one of those are the times when MYRNIN is clearly showing his affection for CLAIRE (don't get me wrong guys I'm still team SHANE) I'm also happy for EVE and MICHAEL they finally had their plan come true in the end (nope not telling you what that is)
also I was a little scared that SHANE and CLAIRE will actually break up because of what happened to SHANE and what it was doing to him I thought he will actually give up....oooh and also I love the baby's name CARRIE. (don't know where she get it though)

But I actually thought CLAIRE would be the one to you know kill MAGNUS and save the world because she seems to be having a lot of major role there also I was a bit disappointed about how they killed him it's just looks so easy its like when you read about it you'll be all ... That's it he's dead??? ..... And about AMELIE I didn't doubt it for a second that she'll make it in the end.. I just know RACHEL would be able to pull it off but actually I had a tiny little thouhgt that maybe AMELIE should have died because I was
scared to death of how things would turn out now that the rules have been change and damn did it look bad and did I mentioned scary???? ...But all in all I love it definitely!??!

So I have one little question before I end this.... IS TOMORROW NOVEMBER ALREADY???????

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05/01/2012 page 10
3.0% "finally!!!!! my most anticipated book ever!!!!! I've waited so long for this that I actually thought I'll die waiting!!!!!
okay so now I'm babbling ....bye guys I'm going to read now (and I'm telling you no one can separate me from this book)"
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Whatsername (Alexandra) Armstrong (Fedorova) OMG who and whose is Carrie?! WANT SPOILERS!! ;P

Edrillan (vampire junkie) Well okay you want spoilers then I'll let you have it ..... CARRIE is ...........

SHANE and CLAIRE'S daughter..... wait don't get too excited or anything I'm not saying she really did get pregnant... but you should read the book for that information .... okay???? byie???

message 3: by Cassin'89 (new) - added it

Cassin'89 Oh, I'm also looking forward for MYRNINxCLAIRE (even if Team Shane) still really like it :D

message 4: by Destiney (new) - added it

Destiney Oh man I really wish i would have tooken your warnings and not read that!! Man...i like Myrnin but Im team Shane all the way. Cant wait to read this book now!!! AHHHH

Edrillan (vampire junkie) haha.....well i cant really blame you for being curious .....

Nicole I agree about the Magnus death thing. I had to re-read it to be sure. Way too easy and un-exciting! But I wish she would write a point of view from Myrnin!

Edrillan (vampire junkie) yeah i want his point of view too lets us know what he really feels for Claire. a date or a snack?

Nicole Maybe in the next book..

Edrillan (vampire junkie) Yeah let's keep our fingers cross

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