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Puppet Parade by Zeinab Alayan
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Feb 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Sophie Perkins a young girl comes down with a dehibilating sickness that lasts some time. Her stepmother keeps Sophie locked away so she wont be contagious. So while Sophie's father is away and dies Sophie's hope of soon being released is dashed since now her stepmother swears that the illness she contracted has left he horribly ugly! For that reason she wont allow Sophie to see her face so that she doesn'f feel disgusted by her appearance. Years pass, and Sophie's now a young woman who still hasn't seen her own face or even seen the world. Yet, Sophie's wish is to get to be out there regardless if she's ugly.
Then there is Oliver the lonely puppeter rejected by his parents for having chosen his trade of puppetry. Oliver has as a young man grown a huge loner. Isolating himself from people in favor for his puppets! His puppets that all contain fascinating and unique characteristics. Though Oliver seems lonely he has chosen his isolation unlike Sophie though they both don't realize how much the're truly not experiencing in life.
Kneeling to the power of a shooting star, Oliver and Sophie , remember an old wive's tale that if you mean a wish when there is a shooting star it comes true. Sophie wishes for freedom while Oliver wishes for his puppets to come to life so he can finally have a family. These two unexpectedly meet while Oliver's puppets spring to actual life and escape from Oliver leading them to each other. Sophie seeking to help Oliver tries to bring back his puppets. The same puppets who chose to escape him since they felt Oliver only kept them locked away with him where they never saw the light of day. Unfortunately, they are both soon dragged into the myterious Puppet Parade that at first seems like paradise considering people living in various town they stop at seem happy but it is far from it. Sophie and Oliver must keep each other from falling under the in actuality sinister, Puppet Parade.
Zeibab Alayan's Puppet Parade is her first novel which is somewhat of an impressive book. Meaning that it has an engaging story and incredibly new Fantasy world that is fun as well as humurous although very dangerous too. In Puppet Parade, we see from both Sophie and Oliver's perspectives throughout the story. We venture to a story where it begins in our world centered in reality but slowly we come into contact with a hugely magical whole other side. One girl seeks and one boy seeks to be less alone where finally they find what they seek unwittingly with each other.

Zeinab has a fantastic voice that is very multi-faceted and humorous based on which characters she's chaneeling at any given moment. Helps to capture your attention. We as the reader are introduced to a very creative story as well as characters. A gem of a book, really. This book is not only amzaing but contains ample amounts of creativity with strong messages at work in the background.

For fans of Fantasy that embrace new ideas in the otherwise full corners of fairy-tale creations and Adventure Fantasy works.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Fantasy

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