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Once by Morris Gleitzman
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Feb 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Once is a novel set in WWII Poland, and is about a 10-year-old Jewish boy, Felix. Felix is living in an Orphanage, hiding from the Nazi's, with parents still alive. One day, a carrot in his soup changes his life.
That carrot is the thing that makes him decide to escape the Orphanage.

The first place he goes to is his old house -- the bookshop his parents owned. The street was once crowded, but now it's deserted. New people have moved into the bookshop... and they know he's a jew. He runs away.
Shortly after he comes across a burning house, with a man and a woman dead on the floor. They've been shot. Beside them is a little girl who looks around 6 years old. There's no blood, no bullet holes, so he checks if she's alive. She is.
The girl is called Zelda and together she and Felix set off for the city to find his parents. Felix can't bear to tell Zelda hers are dead, so instead he tells her stories to get her mind off the subject.

He makes a Nazi with toothache laugh.

I'm not going to give any more away, but it's an amazing book and really, really sad. It's quite short and ends with a non-ending (Zelda, Felix, and a girl called Chaya -- you'll see who she is -- jump off a train heading for a Concentration Camp) but it's made up for by the fact it's written amazingly, makes you want to cry in some places but laugh in others, but it's part of a trilogy (Once/Then/Now). A new book is coming out soon, After.

I'd recommend it to 10 years + as some parts in it are a bit graphic. But I also recommend it to adults because I think it's an enjoyable book for anyone :) Even if I'm 11 :P
Get it now.
It really made me think and forget all the things I moan about in my life. It really makes you realise that you're so lucky.
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