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The Twelve by Justin Cronin
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Feb 13, 2012

it was amazing
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Because I don't want this to turn into the some raving fan girl review I'm going to keep it short. Though I suspect it's still going to turn into a raving fan girl review.

I really enjoyed The Passage when I read it. There were some really long drawn out parts in that book that didn't make me truly appreciate it when I originally read it. It was a good book and the beginning of a trilogy I intended to continue with. I understood that the second was a year or so away but that didn't bother me. Whatever. Decent read.

Over the year I would find myself continually going back to the story line of The Passage. I would remember scenes with vivid clarity. Sometimes so vivid I would try to remember what movie I saw it in and then remember it was a book. If anybody knows me they know that I am a HUGE fan of post apocalyptic tales especially when they concern the undead of some wicked blood crazed variety. It's my bread and butter!

So with over a year of remembering the The Passage I started getting really excited about The Twelve. Probably too excited considering my first assessment of The Passage. When my friend Kathy said she could hook me up two months early with the ARC I commenced shitting my pants. Squeeeeeeeee.

Finally this book arrives in the mail (like a week later than we'd planned...F you, UPS) Of course, it appears the day after Labor day...a wasted holiday weekend, I say! and comes at the beginning of what turned out to be a mega epic suck fest at work that had me working ungodly hours of overtime. But finally this last week I was able to sink my teeth in. And what an amazing week it was.

This book is epic. It reminds me of Stephen King's The Stand at first, with a little bit of Dark Tower full circle awesomeness about the middle and ends in a climax of chess pieced badassery not unlike what I LOVED about Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn (sans the idiotic female lead).

Speaking of idiot female leads.......this book doesn't have any. THANK YOU CRONIN FOR BEING ABLE TO WRITE A FEMALE LEAD THAT ISN'T A FUCKING IDIOT, DOESN'T RUN OFF HALF COCKED IN MORONIC EMOTIONAL STATIS AND DOESN'T NEED TO BE RESCUED BY HER MALE COUNTERPARTS EVERY GOD DAMNED SECOND!!!! The female leads in this book are realistic. A few have special powers. A few don't. But they all have strength of one variety or another. One to save the world, one to fight for a cause she believes in, one to fight for the man she believes in and one, the inexhaustible strength that comes from being a mother. That's right, bitches. These ladies are fighting it along with the boys and kicking ass and taking names. Woot!

As for the male leads, equally well written. Peter and Michael are my favorites. Tifty and Greer are almost clichés but at the last minute aren’t. And don’t even get me started on Alicia. These characters in general were great. Character development that rivals JK Rowling and Guy Gavriel Kay in its intensity and effectiveness. I’m living and dying with these characters. Laughing and crying but mainly just obsessed.

And of course, Cronin writes some pretty rough baddies. In The Twelve we get some special insight into the nature of The Twelve and a glimpse into their lives before the world ended and why they are the way they are.

Plus, some pretty bitching references back to the original vampire classic, Dracula. Cronin explores a lot of the classic vampire lore, like crossing moving water, viewing images in mirrors and familiars. Having these comparisons show up in a very realistic modern vampire tale was refreshing. Like adding a tinsy bit of old school goth back into the story.

And Cronin has that thing, you know the one, that thing that is so rare that when you find it, and find it done well, it gives you shivers…he effectively makes you wonder who is good and who is bad. Even amoung the guys that you know are good in your heart if not your head. You really have no idea what is going on until the last 30 pages of this book. And of course everything had its purpose and everything comes full circle.

This book also has the coolest overview of The Passage that I have ever seen. Really creative and really easy to refer back to, if need be. That being said, if you have the time I would really suggest rereading The Passage. I think there are a lot of things that might have been more meaningful to me if I had just recently read The Passage.

And that about wraps it up. So this review did turn into a raving fan girl review. Whatever. I loved it and I can’t wait until the third one comes out…*sigh* next year. Boo!
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sonuva... lucky!

Felina I got connections.

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hook a brotha up :P

Felina I can't. I got a dead tree ARC. Becky's got next.

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Ah well.

You better write one kickass review.

or else ಠ_ಠ

Felina Ummm...have you seen my reviews? They can't be described as kick ass or reviews. Besides, the only good reviews I write are for books I don't like so let's hope that doesn't happen.

But if it makes you feel better it's good so far and has probably the most interesting recap I've ever read.

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I approve of this squee review.

Felina Thanks!!


ilovebakedgoods (Teresa) Hm, this smells like a kick ass review to me!

ilovebakedgoods (Teresa) Also, you just made me put The Passage higher up on my TBR/hold list from the library!

Felina Good!

:) Thanks.

Kathy Very well said, Felina! :)

 ZeN Great review... has taken my anticipation up a notch and im already antzy about how long i have to wait to read it..

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