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Tempted by Blood by Laurie London
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Feb 12, 2012

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Jackson is on the verge of reverting. He’s on the downward spiral of blood lust and needs high amounts of energy from humans to survive and he needs all this frequently. Being a Guardian and reverting means very simply - execution. Jackson is estranged from his parents and he blames himself for his little sister’s death. As a result, he lives like he has nothing to lose. He’s a risk taker and takes chances with his work by throwing himself into the middle of it all, knowing that his days are numbered.

Arianna works for a gaming software company and runs a paranormal blog on the side. She watched her mom die when she was a little girl, watching as the dark shadows take her mom away. No one believed her, so her heart is into running Paranormalish, her blog dedicated to the weird and unexplained things that humans can’t understand. She’s watching out for her younger cousin, Krystal, but can’t stop the shadows when they come for her one night. Krystal is a Sweetblood, a blood type that’s irresistible to vampires and the Darkbloods want to gather all the sweets and move back to how vampires used to live; taking blood freely from humans, with no concern for their lives. Krystal was in a group of sweets that were captured in the previous book, Embraced By Blood, that were to be sold to the highest bidder. One of the master minds behind that idea is back and she wants the sweets that got away.

Jackson is in the right place at the right time as he helps Krystal and Arianna get away from the Darkbloods and takes them to Alfonso and Lily’s home to regroup and get a plan of attack together. We get to see plenty of the Guardians, including Kip who’s still struggling to get back into his life and work. I loved seeing a little more of Alfonso in the role of Dad, it was something that I wanted more of in his own book.

She tensed. Was this the part where he was going to bite her? She was so completely and utterly enthralled by him that she hasn’t thought about it ahead of time, but the man was a vampire. At least she could’ve mentally prepared herself. Would it hurt? Would he -

“Shh, little minx. I will not hurt you.”

“You…you won’t”

He stroked a finger along her throat. Her pulse quickened in response as if encouraging him to drink from her.

“As much as I want this from you, I will not take anything that you don’t freely give to me.” He hesitated and it felt as if he was going to say something more. She held her breath, but he stayed silent.

He wouldn’t bite her unless she told him he could. Slowly, she relaxed.

“There we go,” he murmured. “That’s it.”

The romance between Jackson and Arianna was sweet, but a little slow in building. I do like how Laurie London has created a connection between the vampire/human couples in that when they meet their “one”, the human’s blood unlocks a dormant power in the vampire. It’s a nice connection for the couples to have and in the case of Jackson it causes a bit more angst since his new talent is often a side effect of reverting. I kept waiting and waiting for their romance to heat up, and while it took until around the midway point for them to get together, the first part of the book had a nice build up. It set the story up for Krystal, being the sought after Sweetblood and Arianna and Jackson trying to figure out ways to protect her. I liked following this trio as they run from the Darkbloods and connect with Lily and Alfonso. Jackson feels especially protective of Krystal as she reminds him so much of his sister.

The suspense plot is driven by the Sweetbloods and the Guardians trying to find ways to help keep them safe, it builds to a fight at the end with a group of Darkbloods behind the latest plot to take them. I wasn’t so attracted to this plot line as I was the little moments that came out of it for our hero and heroine – like Arianna’s blog coming in handy and giving clues to the Guardian’s when it came to missing people and Jackson struggling to believe in himself when he’s so convinced that he’s going to fall on the wrong side of the line he’s trying to straddle between being a Guardian and becoming too addicted to blood and energy. It was the little things that came out along the way to final fight that I was more interested in than the actual fight itself, which was resolved fairly quickly.

This was an overall nice story for Jackson and Arianna and I always enjoy the addition of the side characters both from past books and characters that we need to know more about before they take center stage in their own books.

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