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A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Feb 12, 2012

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bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Read from February 12 to 14, 2012

OK, so I had had higher hopes for this series compared to the Anita Blake Series, and although I did manage to read over ten of the Blake books before giving them away, I still felt it was a poorly written, trashy kind of story. Still, it probably says more about me than the quality of the author's work by the mere fact I have read over ten of the books.

Still, book one in the Meredith Gentry Series had held promise. I thought perhaps we were going to head away from the gratuitous sex scenes with multiple partners and enter the realm of Paranormal Romance in a more purist form. But alas, that was not to be. Characters such as Sholto from book one, who had potential to become a love interest, more than just a bed partner, failed to even appear in book two, instead we see our lead protagonist, Merry, in bed with all of her personal guard, or better said harem.

Now I'm all for power to the woman and why the heck can't she have more than one sexual partner, and considering she is sidhe and sex seems to be the order of the day in Faerie, it would seem appropriate, but, and there is a big but, I can't help feeling this is more Paranormal Porn, than Romance of any description.

Maybe I'm just not cut out for this free and easy bed hopping, partner sharing scenario, but the actual stories, both Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake have fairly solid mysteries behind them, stories that are worth wading through the bed sheets to get at. It's a shame that on top of the unasked for multiple and ill-placed sex scenes, there is also a poorly edited, (too many of the same words too often, lack of decent flow and continuity) to the language as well.

All in all it would make you think this is an extremely poorly written novel, or series, but despite the multitudes of problems that keep making me hit my head with the book, over and over again, I still read the bloody things. Go figure.

So, what score to give book two?

I'm going with a 5/10: "Finished the book and it was above average, but I won't be seeking this author out again" on the NBRS. And although this score says but, I won't be seeking this author out again I have to say, never say never, because there is just something about sleazy, sexy, poorly written novels such as these, they can be addictive. So watch out!

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