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The Pledge by Kimberly Derting
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Feb 12, 2012

it was ok
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Read in April, 2012

2.49 Stars = Slightly-better-than-okay-but-not-enough-for-me-to-like-it-or-for-me-to-round-it-up

This book annoyed me to great depths.

Honestly, I was seriously disappointed with this novel. I came in with such high hopes, the synopis was promising. Classes divided by languages. Sounds cool? Interesting? Unique? It is! Unfortunately, the other factors of the book overshadowed the awesome idea.

I was so fascinated by this novel that I did the unthinkable. Rather than consulting the internet reviews for hours, I bought the book! And now, writing the review, I am pissed. Legit.

Like many others, I am a character kinda gal. If the the character is amazing, the book is amazing. If the character sucks, the book gets burned! Suffice to say, I hated the characters.

I love to feel connected with the novel. It is amazing when an author can pull me in and take me for a ride that by the end of the book, I am a little sad to finish. Reading "The Pledge" took me a month. A stupid whole month!!!

It was torture! I would pick up the book. Read a small chunk. Close the book. Watch some television. Pick up the book. Not have enough will power to open its contents. Find another book. Read that. Glare furiously at "The Pledge". Repeat.

I wanted to love the characters but it was near impossible. They were one dimensional, boring and predictable.

The worst part? That romance! This is coming from a girl who will die for a good romance tale. Not only did the romance in the novel fall short, but it killed the plot. I couldn't focus on the awesome languages, instead I had to endure kissing and mush and yuck.

BUT! There were some redeeming factors from "The Pledge" that allowed it to earn 2.49 stars.

1) The plot. Whatever plot I could find, was actually quite good. The author isn't a completely bad writer, if only she focused more on her plot than her romance.

2) The idea. Like I said above, the idea is cool! Each class having their own language? That screams unique! I honestly have never heard of language as a theme in any novel and it intruiged me.

3) I loved the Queen. If I had to choose any character in this whole novel that I actually liked, it would be the queen. For some reason, antagonists always get my votes and this evil Queen did the trick for me!

If only the loose ends got answered, the characters had depth and the romance was shortlived, I would have been much more pleased with the book. The pacing was good, a bit fast.

And by the way, I heard there was a sequel ...

If it is unclear to anyone, I will not read the sequel.

Now, please excuse me. Writing this review just furthered my anger.

*Oh my, something is seriously messed up with me. I blame the book*
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