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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield
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Feb 12, 2012

it was amazing

Let me preface by saying this...I don't really relate to paranormal fiction. I'm not a fantasy or sci-fi fan. I'm not against the genre, it's just not my thing. Okay, I did roll my eyes at this one book when the vampire started to sparkle. It's just not my kind of book.

So why am I reviewing Hunted? Because I heard such great things about it and it did not disappoint. Somehow, Rainfield makes you completely believe that there's a world where genetically different paranormal people are being persecuted by a government and its citizens. More importantly, the book is so deftly written that you could take out the world "paranormal" everywhere in the book and insert ANY other name of a group that has been persecuted so horribly. Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe, Muslims in America, Japanese-Americans during WWII, Kurds in Iraq, the list goes on, sadly, without end. Because people are still being persecuted today.

While some YA readers will simply enjoy the paranormal element to the story, which the author admittedly does quite well, this book is about so much more. I love the thought of high school teachers using this book to introduce atrocities throughout history. Not that some of the wonderfully written books on the Holocaust aren't valid, but this book will reach even those readers who cannot identify with those older books. Too often our students think persecution, prejudice, and hatred is something from the "old days." This book shows them it is sitting right in front of them.

Five stars, Ms. Rainfield!
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