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The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long
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Those who know me know that faerie-themed books don't usually work for me. I think the only fae series I finished and really liked was the Iron Fey. Maybe because I started with a very good one that I tend to base my expectation on it. Fortunately, The Treachery of Beautiful Things did work for me. Although not as mind blowing as I would have hoped for but still it was a nice and decent read with an engaging plot and characters. I was actually surprised that I ended up liking and enjoying it.

It didn't start well with me though. I can't seem to get into it during the first parts that I kept on putting it down after a few chapters only to picked it up again because I feel bad about it. The fourth time I picked it up I decided I'll finish it then. And I'm glad I did because as the story progressed it started getting really interesting and I soon find myself pretty invested with the story and its characters.

Jenny was a character I didn't exactly think would be tough and fights her way. She appears to be bit too "damsel in distress" especially during the earlier parts. But I'm glad that over the course of the story her character developed and I saw that she could be a independent and strong character too despite being naive sometimes.

Jack surprises me quite a lot in here too. Clearly, I had the wrong first impressions in most of the things here. I thought Jack would be this too good boring hero who would do anything to save the day. Something that easy and predictable. But I was surprised to find a multi-layered and complex character in him. I love the mysterious side in him and I enjoyed figuring it out.

There were holes in this book that prevented me from giving it a higher rating. Things that I think were left unexplained or should've been discussed more. Thus making some parts of it a bit confusing and disorienting. Nonetheless, the last parts, I think, was actually pretty good and even touching. The ending was cute, sweet and satisfying although I wish it was explored a little more since I felt like it was dropped a bit too convinient.

Overall, the plot line was intriguing and engaging and the characters were likable. Just a little bit more explaining in some parts becuase there were moments that I did feel lost. Despite its flaws I think this is a nice and lovely read. It took me a while to get into it but as soon as it started getting interesting I kept wanting to know what's gonna happen next. I recommend this.

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Brandi I read this a few days ago and loved it! It's completely original. Can't wait to see what you think :)

Eunice I'm glad to hear that, Bandi! It started a tad slow for me but I'm liking it now, I'm definitely intrigued. :)

message 3: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ The cover is gorgeous but this has two things I don't usually get on with: Fairytale and Fae. Nicely reviewed Eunice. :)

Eunice @Sam: Oh, I think I get the too nice thing about it. It wasn't really mind blowing but still a nice and decent read.

@Rachel: Thank you! I love the cover too, one of the reasons why I picked this up. Haha! :)

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