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Lethal Vintage by Nadia Gordon
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Feb 11, 2012

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I can’t help myself for some reason. I like this series, even though Sunny McCloskey is almost terminally nosy. I really like her extended family – her friends, Wade, Monty, and her assistant Rivka. Wade is good character – he is funny and a bit of a foil for Sunny. I even like Sunny and admire her a bit – until she starts investigating.

The woman just can’t seem to control herself. She tells the local police detective (who she knows and who I think may have a bit of a crush on her, but I’m not sure) that she will refrain from sticking her nose into the most recent murder, but she does anyway. I guess she has some vested interest, since it is an old friend that is murdered. This friend calls her out of the blue and invites Sunny to visit her at her boyfriend’s estate. Anna’s boyfriend is a young billionaire who appears to have made is fortune using shady practices and being very ruthless. Sunny ends up staying the ng and in the morning learns Anna is dead.

I suppose since she was there and it is a friend, Sunny is more reason to be interested in the investigation of this murder. However, it does not explain why she goes off on her own to confront people and put herself in harm’s way without thinking things through and imagining what the consequences maybe. At least she isn’t almost killed in this book, as she almost was in the previous one.

I know I’m going to read the next one (if there is a next one), because as irritating as Sunny can be, I do like her and I do like this series.

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