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Martin MacGregor's Snowman by Lisa Broadie Cook
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*Review posted on Mundie Kids on 1/21/2012*

It's so frustrating when the weather doesn't cooperate with the season. My kids have experienced a very snow-less winter and yes, we live in snow country. This story for us is, therefore, very timely. Martin doesn't want to wait for the snow to actually start because the previous year he build the biggest snowman ever. So he sets about trying different things -- making snowman marshmallows in hot chocolate, pouring flour on his baby sister, gluing cotton balls to his dog and even dressing himself in bubble bath bubbles.

As you can imagine, nothing works. And Martin has to learn the hardest lesson of all -- patience. And well, there's the small matter of also learning how a younger sibling will copy you. Don't worry, thisbook does have a happy ending. Eventually, weather does do what it's supposed to do. Seasonally speaking, that is. Perhaps it will do the same in our parts and I won't have to hear about how much my kids want to go sledding and skiing when there's no snow around.

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