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The Reckoning by Eric Enck
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Jul 18, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: novels, vampires, horror, review, sold, gore
Recommended for: nobody!
Read in October, 2008

This is easily the worst book I've ever read. Usually I am very tolerant regarding first books by new authors, they may have some more typos, the writing might not be as impressive yet, or the story is not too elaborate. But this book takes the cake - it is a real treasure trove full of typos and the worst grammar which makes your eyes and brain hurt. Commas are sprinkled over the pages like confetti, sentences miss some basic parts like the verb or noun - take a red pencil to the book and you could simply hatch each page completely.

Not to mention the story, which - once you learn how to make sense of the author's senseless babble - starts out promising, but then hurries to loose theme and reason to detailed but senseless descriptions of blood and gore. I don't mind some good hardcore horror, but the author sacrificed the whole story to his splatter orgy.

Want some examples? Ok, here we go. To lift the mood, here is my favorite funny typo:
"...the perforation of the vampire's heart with a steak."

Another nice and subtle one is the description of taking a person's head of: "decapitating the head from the body" or "decapitating the head from the shoulders". Without this saying the same thing twice over I never would have known the meaning of the word decapitation.

Some flaws in the story: at the beginning, the local police is glad that the FBI is taking over the investigation of the gruesome murders, but at the end the sheriff rants about their unnecessary interference.

...Spoiler Alert!...
What annoyed me most: when the vampire learns that his daugher was kidnapped by the killer, what does he do? Race through town to find and rescue her, maybe locate her by some telepathic bond or something? No, of course not - instead he starts a killing spree, going from house to house, murdering each human in the whole town, and taking all the time in the world doing it. Maybe the scent of blood befuddled his mind so much he simply forgot about his beloved daughter?! No wonder she is long dead by the time he finds her.

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