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Broken by Kelley Armstrong
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Feb 11, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2012

Opening teaser

CLAYTON DOESN’T DO “UNOBTRUSIVE” WELL. NOT EVEN when he tries, and that afternoon, he was trying his damnedest. He was downwind of me, at least two hundred feet away, so I couldn’t smell him, see him or hear him. But I knew he was there.


Broken is mainly about Elene the werewolf from the first two books, in this book she and Clay the wolf who bit her are pregnant and she's dealing with the stress of being on house arrest as well as worrying about if shifting will hurt the baby. Suddenly out of the blue Xavier a half demon from Elena's past calls up asking if she would do a job for him in return he will provide her the address for a mutt who's been killing women. The pack wants the mutt taken care of so Elena agrees to hear what he's requesting for them to do. Xavier wants them to sneak in and steal the from hell letter which is said to have been written by Jack the Ripper in the Victorian times. The reason it has to be one of the wolves is because there is a spell that will catch anything human attempting to steal the letter. The plan is for the wolf to shift just a hand to remove the letter but not enough to attract the spell.

The theft goes off without hitches until the trio Elena, Jeremy the pack alpha and Clay are walking down Cabbage town and Elena wants to look at the letter. Clay slaps a mosquito drinking Elena's blood on the letter unknown at the time it opens a portal bringing the Victorian era to current Canada including the two zombies who are sent to catch Elena. In addition to the Zombies running around, locals are missing, and suddenly the water is polluted and killer rats are on the loose. The trio calls in some help from the rest of the pack also Jamie shows up to lend a hand. Together they will have to seal the portal before what’s been in side gets Elena.

I have wanted to catch up on this series for a while and this book happens to be about my favorite of all the characters. I think it's because the first few are about Elena I just really like her. She's grown so much as a character as the series progresses. This book is mainly all about the werewolves but we do see a little of Jamie the necromancer who is another of my favorites. Broken sucked me in right from the start it's one of those stories you just have to know what's going to happen next and I found myself staying up super late to read. I really like the chemistry between Elena and Clay they have come such a long way since the first book, plus now they are having a baby. It's an awesome book full of great characters that leave me wanting more. Overall I love the series but Elena and Clay are my favorites.

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