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When Copper Suns Fall by KaSonndra Leigh
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Feb 11, 2012

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3.5/5 star rating

I was very excited to read this debut novel. The brief description of this story related to a genre that I enjoy reading. So I began this novel with a degree of excitement to see if it could deliver.
I was instantly caught up from the first page, when the story begins to Chela seeing her ill and comatose brother’s hand move. The following scenes of her ardent pleas to have that small movement acknowledged by her brother’s caregivers, and the resulting threat-like conversation with the physician, had me ready to be caught up in the story line that I was expecting and was promised. Instead the story seemed to go into a different focus.

I found myself in a constant state of mild confusion as I read through this story. As a visual reader, I had a really hard time connecting with this story, and couldn’t quite picture this world that was created by this author, which was really unfortunate.

There was a lack of information in regards to this Great War that was spoken about and ended up, essentially, the catalyst for the society that developed after the fact. There was a “Memory” triggered with Chela that hinted at what may have caused or been part of this great change, but nothing definitive. I did too much guess work on what happened previously to explain the type of world these characters were now living in. I wish the author had found a way to really paint a picture of what exactly occurred at that time.
The same lack of information didn’t help in establishing how exactly the Tainted and different hierarchies of angels intermingled with humans, and what exactly their ‘gifts’ or ‘talents’ were. I had a very difficult time following who was who/what in this book.

There was a wide range of characters that were not developed well enough for me to keep them straight. That was not the case with the main characters in this novel, and I was able to establish who and what they were, but once all the other characters became involved in scenes, I quickly became confused as to what team they were on, and how they related to the characters again.

The romantic relationship developed too quickly and unbelievably for me. I didn’t really understand what the exact connection was for these two characters. And because of that lack of connection, I couldn’t quite comprehend how deeply attached they were to each other. It felt kind of superficial.

There was plenty of action in this book, but these scenes seemed to miss a certain fluid quality that one would expect from action. These action sequences involving these characters just did not connect well together, and felt staggered.

There was not enough development in the quest to answer all the questions posed surrounding Micah’s fall, and the virus that is talked about in the description of the book. In fact, the virus is barely discussed AT ALL! And that, for me, was disappointing as I was pretty interested in that subject based on the description of the book.

All of the above being said, I did enjoy this book enough to see it through. The main characters were well developed enough as individuals – that being Seth, Chela and Faris. As individuals, they were enjoyable and believable characters with well developed personalities, histories and experiences that allowed me to connect with them.

I found this story to be somewhat reminiscent of “The Hunger Games” for me, at least the first half of the book. It definitely has the potential to please many readers that enjoy this type of story. It was certainly very unique and imaginative, but most importantly, it was original. I just wish it had flowed a little better and maybe a little slower to really allow this world and the people in it to sink in.

KasSonndra Leigh did a commendable job for her first debut novel, and I am very confident that both this book and her next book will be well received. I plan on continuing the series, and hope that some of the questions that I was left with from this book, are answered in the next.

Happy reading!
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