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It by Stephen King
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Feb 11, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Derry.
George Denbrough 6 yr old sailing paperboat made by brother Bill (stuttering Bill). Boat follows flood water into storm drain and IT pulls George down.
Adrian Mellon , homosexual gets thrown over bridge by three locals into river and dies. Adrian's lover and one of the gang say that they saw a clown with thousand of balloons hiding under the bridge and he killed Mellon.
Stanley Uris receives a phone call from Mike and kills himself in the bath writing IT on the wall with his blood.
Rich Tozier radio DJ gets a call from Mike ad agrees to go back to Derry as he promised as an11 yr old her would if IT came back.
Ben Hanscom architect gets the call back. He is regular at local bar every Friday, Sat no matter where in world he is. Drinks bottle of whiskey then heads to Derry.
Eddie Kaspbrak married to fat lady who is like his mother. He is sickly and takes loads of medicines.
Beverly Rogan, gets call in bed, drunk wifebeating husband. He made her give up smoking and she smokes after the call.
Bill Deborough writer gets call on holiday in England and flies back.
Ben bullied at school in love with Bev. Mike Hanlon writing book on Derry. First day of school holiday all except Bev build a dam and tell their stories about It. Start of their friendship. Mike visits site of old steelworks and attacked by bird, Eddie sees tramps, Ben sees it coming out of library. Stanley won't tell his story
Ritchie goes back to Bill's house and looks at the photo album George kept. They see themselves in a photo taken 30 yrs ago Bill sticks his hand in and t gets cut. The clown is in the picture and they see the shadow of a balloon. Richie and Bill get chased from a house by a werewolf. Bev sees blood everywhere in the bathroom but only the kids can see it. Mike's dad tells him about his army life and how his company set up a bar and jazz group that was set on fire by a racist group. Meet at chinese restaurant. None of them have kids but all that left Derry are quite rich. The fortune cookies all contain their personal nghtmare - blood in bev's, flies, insects etc.
They all go and walk round Derry to try to remember. Bev's husband and Bill's wife make their way to Derry. Ritchie goes to Paul Bunyan statue, Ben goes to library, Bev to her old house. Back at library at night they remember Mike turning up first time at Barrens after being chasedby Bowers and the rock fight. Building a hole in the barrens and then having smoke in it to bring on halucinations which Ritchie and Mike have. Bowers who was in prison for killing his dad attacks Mike at the library then goes to the hotel. Bev and Bill are in bed together, Bowers attacks Eddie. They all go to the sewrs and Ben leads the way there. There is now constant flashbacks between 1958 and 1985 down the sewers. Eddie dies, It takes the form of a large pregnant spider It gets defeated. Derry suffers an"earthquake" and is partially destroyed. Bill's wife has been taken by IT and rescued but remains in a catatonic state. In 1958 Bev has sex with all the boys and they become blood brothers making their pact. At end all go off and they very quickly start forgetting everything. The ink in Mike's diary is fading. Bill has one last ride on silver with his wife on the back which brings her out of her state.

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