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Because of Low by Abbi Glines
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Feb 10, 2012

it was amazing
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Because of Low wrapped up my 2-day all-Abbi Glines reading marathon, and it was a great way to end one fun ride! I started with Breathe, then Vincent Brothers, and Low was my final stop (I'd read Existence awhile back already). With each new book, I found myself sucked right into the story and it was difficult to break myself away. Abbi has this uncanny knack for creating the absolutely perfect fantasy bad-boy in each of her stories (well, Jax isn't really bad in Breathe, but he's a rocker, so...), and the stories she develops around them are quite simply addicting. I'll probably be going through withdrawal now, so hurry up and get Predestined and Vincent Brothers out for us, Abbi!!! =)

Low is a spin-off from Breathe, with the heartbroken Marcus taking center stage in his own love story (for the record, this book is for the mature YA, not appropriate for younger teens). I was actually really surprised by this book, because where Marcus came across as sweet and tender in Breathe, he was bold and sexy in Low. That's not to say he isn't still sweet, but I was totally not expecting his sex appeal quotient to go up quite so much! I suppose because he had to be less appealing in Breathe for the sake of Jax and Sadie's relationship, we missed a whole other side of him that we get to see in living color here! Quick character run-down: he pays his own way in life despite his father's money, he takes care of his family when they are in crisis, he doesn't deal with his own emotions well, and he has a sinfully dirty mind that keeps you eating up every line that's from his POV (THANK you, Abbi!)! Who knew?!

The book starts out with Marcus returning home from college due to some family drama...aka, dad's cheating on mom and the family is falling apart, so Marcus is trying to keep his mom and sister in one piece. Living in an apartment with Cage, sexaholic friend of Preston's (from Breathe), Marcus is pretty well over Sadie and just looking to deal with school and handle family issues.

Enter Willow, the adorable, sweet, from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks beauty that is heartbroken over her bi*&^ of a sister treating her like crap. She shows up at the apartment upset and looking for Cage, but Marcus is intrigued by her. Even after he finds out that Low and Cage have been friends since childhood and Cage sees her as 'his girl', he is undeterred and drawn to her. I'm not usually a fan of the insta-love, but I think it works here. Marcus is strong and sexy, and he really takes the reins when it comes to putting himself out there for her despite his recent heartbreak.

Marcus and Low are faced with a lot of family drama, between Low's self-absorbed absentee-mom of a sister to Marcus' issues with hatred over what his dad has done. This, coupled with the fact that Low has trust and self-worth issues and Marcus doesn't understand Cage's relationship with her, it's a recipe for torment. Marcus makes some dumb decisions in reaction to his dad's behavior, one of which made me want to strangle him, but it gives his character more dimension. He's not a cookie-cutter, predictable guy. Through it all, I really loved getting to know the characters better, and Glines keeps the story interesting with the near-constant shifts. I never grew bored or had to skim through because there was so much going on to keep me involved.

As for the mature rating, Glines steams things up with Marcus and Low pretty quickly. The scene in Marcus' room....dang!! You will be needing to calm your racing heart a few times for this one!

I must admit, I felt like a total twit when I finally clued into the major twist at the end. I know every other person that read this book probably had it figured out from the get-go, but it surprised me and I was floored! Talk about a game-changer, and the huge fault line that it opened up for all of the characters just ripped my heart out. I was so scared Glines was going to leave me hanging at the end, but I know now I never should have doubted her. I know better, Glines never fails to give her readers exactly what they want. Awesome book, amazing author, definitely a must-read!!
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message 1: by ♥Rachel♥ (last edited Feb 16, 2012 07:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

♥Rachel♥ Great review Erin. I'm so glad you ended up liking this. Totally agree with: "Marcus came across as sweet and tender in Breathe, he was bold and sexy in Low." YUM!! :)


Erin Thank you, ladies! I did so love this book, and it was YUUUMMY! lol

Laura Hi Erin! I couldn’t agree more about the “insta-love”. It usually doesn’t work for me, but somehow Glines makes it flow in this one between Low and Marcus. Great review! :) I can’t wait for more from Glines!

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