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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
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Feb 10, 2012

really liked it
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Recommended for: Anyone who likes to be in a vague state of wonder, wondering who's fooling whom.

I don't remember the exact moment I discovered this book, I don't remember the exact moment I decided this would be my type of book... I still don't know what pushed me to take the book at the library, except the knowledge that this book was going to be the most amazing thing I'll read -it was not, but I don't think I have read enough books to decide which one is the most amazing anyway...

What I remember from the acquirement of this book is that I was at the library, browsing through what I believe is the Russian Lit section... I can't really say what exactly the section is, I remember seeing Leo Tolstoy and a couple more authors, but there was also a section on how the world came to be and stuff like that. I find it ironic, but that may just be me.

So, I was there, looking at the books when this displaced book caught my attention. Lolita. I remember talking about this book with someone, saying how I wanted to read it, how I was almost obsessed with finally knowing what actually happened, and there it was, sitting prettily on other books, catching my eyes. I felt my heart race as I took the book, actually excited for a book as I never have been before. I was already wondering, who was playing whom? -Okay, maybe I'm romanticizing the events, but this is my review, so yeah-

I searched for other books and finally got out of there, giddy and almost skipping until I arrived home -and this, I'm not romanticizing it, I actually did get extremely giddy...- and didn't even look at the book more than a couple seconds, telling my mom about it and then placing it on my desk and forgetting it until the next day. And then, my adventure with Lolita actually started until complete, until May, the eleventh.

It took me a long time to finish this book, I had to renew them once so I could finish it, but that doesn't mean it wasn't extremely good. It may not be the best book of all time, but that is very simple to explain... It was only because of the end... The sole reason this didn't get a five stars was because the ending, slowing the pace even more, got boring very quickly and I skimmed a bit of it; I'm sure I'm missing some crucial events -maybe?- but I don't want to read it again, I was under the sun -getting my first sunburn- and I was anxious for the end, wondering how was the conclusion going to bundle everything up... I was a little disappointed -I'm sorry!- by the writing of the last couple chapters, it wasn't as good, for me, as the rest; because the beginning, the middle and also the last past (words from Nabokov himself) were pure gold.

Lolita, one of the main characters, had delicious catchy phrases that made me smile a couple times. H.H was also pure gold in his struggles and his view of the relation he had with Lolita... As I was starting the book, I was excited for their meeting, I wondered, after that, the motivation of Lolita, then I was excited for the conclusion of their relationship; wondering where it'll go... Will he be discovered? Is he going to jail? Are they going to become partners? Every little detail made me think of where it was going...

I'm a bit angry with myself for coming back to the GoodReads page where I read the description again and saw something I didn't want to know at that moment, but it made me anticipated the book even more. I was already on that thought, but to see it written, yet not in the book, made me slightly sad when I got to that part... It was still extremely thrilling!

The book could seem shocking on a superficial level, I believe though that this book is to express something that can happen everyday, that surely happens often. Maybe not the exact situation, but to some degree is very plausible and the thought of it happening makes me angry and sad too. Yet, in this book, it made me think of those people that don't seem to know how to stop themselves and not destroy the life of younger or older or same aged people... Not that I'm thinking about them as 'ah, the poor criminal', but... I believe H.H tried to fight this desire he had and just that little resistance makes this much sadder in a sense. If he had just succumbed to his desire without a bit a resistance, I don't believe this book would have had the same graciously perfect effect it had on me. It wouldn't have become a bad book, or bad literature, but it would have became a two or maybe three stars if it was still written with this amazing hand, this concept of not saying what happened in a very clear format, yet being very clear in a sense too. -Yeah, I know, now I'm not clear!-

This is my first book by Nabokov and it it really a good book that does make you think about how this novel can actually become! How it started twisting in his mind and became such a phenomenon of diversified opinions!

In all, a really good book that I'm happy I finally got to read! C:

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