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Natural Evil by Thea Harrison
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Feb 10, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Kind of confused about what Harrison was doing with this novella. The plot is alright, I suppose. It is not a romance. The man was a badly injured dog that really couldn't communicate for the first half. The woman is a 40 yr old ex green beret vet. He healed, they had sexual chemistry right away but couldn't act on it or get to know each other at all since they had to hurry up and fix the bad guys. Then all of the sudden they love each other but she shuts down towards him since she IS a 40 yr old hard ass and he is a 27 yr old WYR. They have hot sex anyways. He insists that she take him with her when she leaves that town since he has a few weeks of leave (wyr tribunal agent) and the end was very very anti climatic and uninteresting and not exactly a hea at all. They still know nothing about each other (we kind of know them just because they explain their own background during narrative) and their situation is far from ideal. This guy is going to live for a couple hundred years (assuming based on other dog breed in previous novella) and this lady is already 40. Blah blah, 40 is the new 30 and she is really fit. But come on, what kind of hea is that? Her last line is along the lines of warning him it is a bad idea and he tells her to shut up and drive. The end. >:\
Also, there are a LOT of completely worthless descriptions of settings. Way too much useless information.

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Becky Yeah, the ending was by far the worst part of it. I actually thought mine got cut off or something. :/ I appreciate that not every book has to have a HEA, but it didn't even conclude, just sort of stopped.

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