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A Modern Witch by Debora Geary
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Feb 10, 2012

it was amazing

Perhaps Debora Geary’s writing can be summarized by saying that she writes loving stories. To clarify, some people write love stories – but in Ms. Geary’s worlds love is a verb, not a noun. Like the magic many of her characters have, love is something that isn’t meant to have but is meant to be done. In an era that popularizes dark protagonists and anti-heroes it is wonderful to read stories where a character’s tears are likely derived from joy, and even tears of sadness are born of grief for another’s pain. While I am not prone to either romance or “touchy-feely” stories, I am very prone to positive, life-affirming messages and accessible, warm characters. Ms. Geary provides both in ample measure.

Her world is our world; people laugh, cry, play and work. She takes tendencies we would recognize in others – a friend who has a green thumb, or someone who can read other people well – and augments those capabilities into tangible powers with their own traditions, history, rules, and limits. From wise matriarchs and patriarchs to the recognizably high-energy toddlers, she forms a community that spans generations, from coast to coast and to the virtual world of the internet. The result is magic as a wonderful enabler for good tales of people and relationships, including human virtues and vices (such as the lengths the witching community will take to seamlessly incorporate non-witches - in a community defined by its magic). The conflicts tend to be internal struggles as we cheer for characters to overcome self-imposed limitations.

You have a couple of choices on where to begin – both good. Her Modern Witch series (3 published out of a planned 9) tends to focus on one witch in particular – but all are within the context of a richly interconnected community. The Witchlight Trilogy (2 published of a plan 3) deals with the journeys of two witches and their mentors – they are set within the same community and are a branch between books 2 and 3 of the Modern Witch series. Seriously, if any of this review resonates with you at all - you’re gonna read them all anyway, so just dive in.

At their heart, these aren’t stories about magic - these are stories about people (with magic) who have made love the foundation for their lives. The results are joyously positive, very readable and highly addictive.
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Lori I couldn't have expressed this better than this. All of this. The people looking for plot and action, good vs. evil, won't find it here. This series makes you feel like you are part of a community. Granted, one should not read this on an empty stomach. I end up craving cookies, pasta, and ice cream!

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