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Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter
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Jul 17, 2008

it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** So. So. SO… I wish I could give this book more stars because the author was clearly full of good intentions and I hate being a bitch to nice people with good intentions, you know? But this book, despite being a nice, enjoyable summer read, has too many things which are wrong wrong wrong. I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve never been into chick lit. I mean, I do love ‘Bridget Jones’ but that’s as far as it goes really. Unless you count classics like “Pride & Prejudice” as chick lit, then fair enough. Anyway, I got “Me & Mr Darcy” as a birthday present after adding it to my Amazon list. “Pride & Prejudice” is one of my favourite classics, and I was looking for some more Mr Darcy to keep the fantasy going. The summary for this book seemed nice enough, and I was secretly jealous of the very pretty girl on the cover, so I went for this one.

At first I really enjoyed it. It was an easy read - something I’m not really used to – and interesting enough. But then she started quoting excerpts of “Pride and Prejudice” and it annoyed me a little. Especially since it was followed right after by a completely similar experience for Emily, the main character, I had a feeling that the author expected me to be stupid and not understand the parallel by myself.

Emily. She works at a book shop and claims to be a bookworm. Mmm… Thing is, throughout the whole book she sounds like a total idiot. She gets annoyed whenever someone assumes she is stupid because she is American, but to be honest it is not far from the truth at all is it? I don’t think there’s any depth to her character. She really seemed empty and superficial to me. Perhaps it’s a cliché, but I would expect someone who says they read a lot to be slightly more intelligent.

Then you’ve got Spike. How are you supposed to go from a detestable man to a man who’s not perfect but still perfect in his own way anyway? I thought the transition was pretty quick from one extreme to the other, and the harsh description of Spike made it very hard to suddenly like him. He sounded more ridiculous than sweet.

Finally, the whole Mr Darcy daydreaming was really odd. It was almost uncomfortable. It made me cringe too, because Mr Darcy sounded quite silly at times – and Emily sounded like the cool person which she herself claims not to be – and I don’t feel that’s the way Jane Austen described him. He was proud and brooding, yes, but well-educated. I just cannot picture Mr Darcy throwing rocks at a window to catch a woman’s attention. Moreover, the whole ‘is it true / is it not?’ plot was kind of awkward.

On the whole, and contrary to appearances, I don't think it was that bad a book. It could have been much worse. But the original novel is such a classic that I don’t think that it could work. If the book was not so obviously linked to “Pride & Prejudice”, I’m sure I would have made a shorter list for what I do not like. But here I cannot help but compare it to the Jane Austen novel and of course it’s not as good. Maybe the solution would be for the Austen fans like me to stop wishing for a sequel, to admit that Mr Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s lives stopped when Jane Austen wrote down the last full stop and that it is up to our imagination to come up with our sequels. And stop buying “Pride & Prejudice”-related books.
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message 1: by Blandine (last edited May 29, 2009 02:07PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Blandine Keeks wrote: "This review is excellent! My goodness. I like reading the book reviews in the newspaper every Sunday but all too often those are pretentious and elitist, doing everything in their power to make t..."

Oh, thank you dear. *blushes* I've only just seen your comment because I'm a bit slow, eh. ;) I agree that book reviewers come across as pretentious. I sometimes try to watch literary programmes on television, but I usually give up because they talk about the books as if it was obvious the viewers had read them, and I don't know... They take literature way too seriously. At the end of the day, it's supposed to be fun, isn't it? Something to make you feel good.

junia i totally agree with the good intentions bit and wanting to give more stars but not being able to.

Josephine (reading in twilight) Totally agree. I felt like the only character who wasn't static was Spike. And he wasn't in the novel very much it seems.

message 4: by Claudia (new) - added it

Claudia My sentiments exactly. Couldn't have described it better.

Amanda What a great review! I agree completely.

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