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Mafia King by Bella J.
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The writing was great… the author is clearly talented, but the message and Antonio was horrible. Bottom line: This story had messed up… piece of crap story message for a story.

Doe witnessed her mother’s murder and was taken into sex trafficking when she was 10. Her life was a non stop horror show. She became so used to hurting and being a submissive slave she had no identity of her own anymore. It was the worst thing I’d seen in a heroine. I literally wanted to hug her and give her anything I had. Her master cut her ear off among so many other things.

When she is found by Antonio and his men in a shipping container, she immediately recognizes him as the leader and treats him as her new master because that’s all she freaking knows. The problem is, he’s a closet dom… and not a good one. His previous partner cheated on him and he went crazy whipping her until she was scarred and almost dead. Since they, he’s been keeping a lid on his tendencies. When Doe calls him maser, he is intrigued and conflicted. He says he doesn’t want to go back there… like he’s an addict and needs a 12 step program. You can guess where this is going.

He doesn’t give her more than a couple days before he’s dominating our poor heroine even though he admits she’s been to hell and b ak and he supposedly feels bad about her plight and the monsters that hurt her. Oh the irony. He convinces himself he’s a different kind of monster. Potatoe… potato.

Their first scene has him whipping her until she bleeds and she’s grateful that it’s not as bad as the other master’s.

What I would have like to have seen: I don’t think Doe would ever have a normal relationship with a man. She needs therapy. She needs to find her inner strength and worth, then fall in love with a supportive Antonio who wants the best for her even if it means he denies himself. She needs time to change her inner dialogue. She says things like she can’t believe a strong powerful man like Antonio would even care about a nobody like her and she was so grateful he was taking care of the wounds.. HE… put on her. She was warped in her thinking. This author should have more interest in making sure women are made whole and not further taken advantage of. IMO

I understand the D/s relationship. This was not that type of relationship. It was a Dom/slave relationship. I could have gotten on board with her making a decision to be submissive to him, but otherwise it’s rape and he’s a masochist.

I also didn’t like how Antonio talked to his sister. Sure, he’s the head of a drug family, but I didn’t like him.

It’s possible he seeks redemption. Maybe in the next book.

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