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Love & Patience by K-lee Klein
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Feb 09, 2012

really liked it
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3.75 stars (rounded up to 4)

It is the fifth year that Anael has taken his one week’s vacation from angelic servitude to visit the snowy cabin in the mountains where he first met the man he fell in love with. After a lifetime of always wanting to see snow, Anael, the Angel of Romantic Love, arrived to spend his week at a remote mountain cabin only to have a man show up a few hours later, mistakenly booked in the same cabin for the week. Stopped from leaving by an incoming snow storm, Anael (going by Andy in human form) takes the opportunity to get to know a human for the first time in his life. Del is amazing — beautiful, interesting, and patient. As they get to know one another over the week, and the subsequent one week a year for the next four years, they fall in love. Now, on the cusp of another week with Del, Anael knows that he can no longer go another year in servitude when a mortal future with Del seems to much better.

This was a really sweet story about an angel slowly becoming more human and then finally trying to decide to make a decision to give up his whole existence for love. I thought it a bit strange at first, and definitely dramatic, that Anael and Del would go five years with only one week together a year, without knowing a very much about each other. They pretty much spend all of their time together in the present, cooking meals, hiking in the snow, and going no further than kisses and chaste cuddles. Because it was difficult for me to believe they could fall in love that way (well, any kind of real love anyway), the story wasn’t as easy for me to sink into. I was satisfied in the end, however, and ended up liking the plot twist that changed my mind.

I still would have liked more details though, about Del specifically, and about the heavenly world created which is only slightly touched on. The bulk of the story is Anael’s narration of how he came to be in love with Del, their backstory, and even the actual scenes. This doesn’t usually work for me — relying so heavily on narration can easily seem cliche or overly dramatic, but the length of the story and the type of plot (which is in essence a bit melodramatic, with the angels and true love and all) made it so that it didn’t bother me too much. Still, I think the story would have benefitted from more plotted scenes. In the end, though, that’s my personal preference and something that others might enjoy.

Love & Patience is quite sweet, even with the little bits of angst thrown in about Anael’s decision whether to give up immortality for love. The ending actually surprised me a little bit and kept the story from becoming overly sweet in any way. Perfect for a light Valentine’s read. B-
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