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Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol
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Feb 09, 2012

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Ahhhhh! I loved this book! I was wary at first because honestly, I like books where I can witness the love interests meeting each other for the first time, and with this past lives thing I kind of worried. BUT, it wasn't that much of an issue, they don't even remember anything so it's all cool for me ;)

As I read there were a few things that bugged me, one being the big thing that Evie does for Russell at the end of the book. I felt bad for Reed that she had gone back on her word, but at the same time, in her shoes seeing someone she loves about to die, I doubt I'd allow it to happen either.

The second was around the time that Evie went to sign up for classes and got into a discussion with Reed. The whole time i was thinking, wait---you're having this discussion now? you're going to open up to this guy who hates you and tell him stuff? ask him questions and trust the answers he gives you? HOWEVER----I do enjoy the fact that Evie readily told Reed about how she feels around him. I'm sick of female characters who pretend like nothing is there and all that crap. I LOVED how open and honest she was with him. So I just contradicted myself. I guess that registration scene didn't do it for me.

The 3rd and final thing was Russell. I felt like he was a taller, southern version of Neville Longbottom. Not hunky-hunk drool-worthy like Reed. As soon as he opened his mouth I just thought, he's going to be the love-sick puppy that follows Evie around the whole book. Yeah, he stood up for her a lot, but he just came across too....hick (ouch)...for me. And I saw a lot of people commented that no one talks like that in the south. Well...they do. I just moved from Michigan to North Carolina and I cringe whenever I hear a drawl or one time, needing a cashier to repeat himself 4 times at the airport before I could hear through his accent. And, spoiler, what happens to him at the end ticks me off so bad. Kind of leveled the field between him and Reed which, no thanks. Evie loves Reed. Back off.

I'm going to bemoan this in every review, but WHYYYYY can't the love interests just get it on already? I swear, these books are full of action that keep me occupied, but the constant sexual tension has GOT to be satisfied! hahahah especially with such steamy main characters! gahhh.

Well, off to read the 2nd book!
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