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Hereafter by Tara Hudson
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Feb 09, 2012

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The only way that Hereafter is going to work as a tragic, beautiful love story is if it's actually... you know, tragic and beautiful.

The problem: it isn't.

It's not bad. It's okay. I was engaged in the beginning (although finishing it was a struggle), and the ending was good enough, but for it to really work, it would have had to be almost... poetic or something. And it wasn't.

Let's look at Amelia. She's dead. This is sad because, you know, dead teenager. Didn't get to live that long. But Amelia isn't sad. Her voice isn't haunting, or grief-filled or weary or anything else. She sounds like Nora in Hush, Hush, like Luce in Fallen, slightly less sarcastic than Bella Swan, but for the most part... she's every other YA female lead you've ever read (all the boring ones, that is). Her distinguishing feature is that she's dead.

The writing is decent at best. Rather juvenile, lacking a distinct style. Some of it was really casual, other parts tried to be beautiful but came off as ridiculously contrived, and the rest of it was just... whatever. There was the love intrest, Josh, and he was Nice. And that's all; not a lot else to him.

There was also Eli, the dark spirit trying to lure Amelia to... I dunno, be with him, I guess. He kept saying they were 'fated', which got old... pretty much right after he said it.

Eli is another villain who would outshine the love interest if the author let him. At best, this will end in love-triangle, with him getting his heart broken and walking away pathetically in the end. At worst, he'll turn into that creeper who steals kisses while our heroine bravely fends him off. Because even though he's hot, the author can't risk making him cool, because then no one's going to want ol' Joshua around doing nothing.

Sigh. I'd give my "whatever happened to Irial?" spiel, but I'm pretty sure I've done that on multiple reviews, and it's probably wearing old.

Still. Pet peeve. Didn't like that she wouldn't let Eli evolve beyond stereotypical bad boy. He could have been interesting.

Or maybe not; maybe Tara Hudson just doesn't have the ability. I dunno.

I probably won't be sticking around for the second book, but Hereafter ended nicely enough. I appreciated the concept and a few of the scenes and found it decent, if not excellence.

Lovely cover though. L-o-v-e-l-y.

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