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Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne
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it was ok

I am a great fan of zombie fiction and post-apocalyptic fiction in general. I absolutely loved Max Brook's World War Z so I was really excited to pick up this book. The journalistic style intrigued me and I had hoped to get a realistic, first person view of a survivor in a world ruled by the undead.

How easy would it be to survive in a world full of flesh eating zombies? Really easy - especially considering that the protagonist is apparently McGyver! Our hero can fly a plane, hotwire a car, is a dead shot and can fashion a weapon out of anything. And he is extremely, ridiculously well-prepared. He already has solar panels installed from a long time ago and has rechargable submarine batteries lying around his house for some reason. A wardrobe full of (fireproof and maybe biteproof?) full body nomex flight suits is also a nice touch, among other things. Even before there were hints of the undead epidemic, he goes to great lengths to fortify his house because he is worried about potential looters. Yes, looters.

Finding weapons and food in this post-apocalyptic world also seems to be almost effortless - when the protagonist and his companions travel around zombie-infested Texas, they frequently stumble onto things like guns and ammo and night vision goggles. It puts me to mind of a first person shooter video game where these things are just lying around waiting to be taken.

There is no real sense of danger at all - not from zombies and other human survivors. The main character escapes scrapes all too easily and seems to be equipped with all the skills and tools necessary to survive in a world filled with the living dead - in short, he is just too perfect. Even the people he meets along the way have conveniently useful skills. The people he ends up rescuing are not web designers or middle managers - oh no - he meets a mechanical engineer, a chemist and a nurse. There is one woman with no obvious 'useful' skills but the hero does mention that she is very attractive OK, the attractive one - check. And lets not forget the cute dog that alerts them to the presence of the undead. And the icing on the cake - they are all good-natured, well-adjusted and helpful people. Not a nutter or even slightly obnoxious one among them.

The biggest problem in this book are the 2-dimensional characters. You would think that the first person style viewpoint would flesh out the main character better, but no, he is so bland and colourless, so much that when he drops the occasional F-bomb, it is very jarring - almost like the author is trying to artificially inject some 'character' into him. Our hero would occasionally bring up the fact that he is scared and fearful - but somehow this doesn't ring true at all. As they say - show, don't tell.

At the end of the day, I felt more sympathy for the zombies.

It's not completely without its merits which is why I gave it 2 starts instead of 1- I found it entertaining enough to pass a rainy afternoon. For me at least, zombies are like pizza - there is no such thing as bad pizza!
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