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Habibi by Craig Thompson
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Feb 09, 2012

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More tits and ass than a night on The Block! Without all the risk of waking up in an alley off Baltimore Street with your pants unbottoned and a needle in your arm.

There is something so satisfying about reading an epic that is also a graphic novel. You can just flip through the pages like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. I am a veritable genius! (And, by the way, genius is exactly what it takes to get this book through the library reservation system. It is a hot item. I think the homeless dudes in the library use this as porn.)

This is how it goes: Two orphan slaves escape into the desert of a nation wedged between a canvas past and metallic future. They grow up together until they become separated -- and suffer years of unspeakable ordeals apart. Through it all, they are comforted by the stories of Islam and the mystical guidance of bismillah. They make the all-too-forseeable quest back to one another only to become lovers.

You think you might be disturbed by stories of rape, kidnapping, starvation, abject poverty, sex slavery, infanticide, cock chopping, and swimming in human feces. But when you see it happening to cartoon characters it is so much more disturbing than anything you expected that you want to call a psychiatric hotline. It reminds me of that cartoon Janet Jackson has on her hip bone. [And I know what you are thinking. You think I am not cool enough to appreciate the graphic novel as an artform. But I know what I know.]


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