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A Very Merry Christmas by Lori Foster
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it was ok
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, insta-love, magicky-stuff, reunited-after-heartbreak

** spoiler alert ** This is a fairly lackluster collection. I'd read the Lori Foster one before and was not thrilled with it. The other two stories in this collection are kinda ho-hum with a bit of spice (mostly just the second one has the spice).

Do You Hear What I Hear? - Lori Foster - 2 /5 - So Marci is a pet psychic. Yes, really. Osbourne is a cop whose buddy asks him to keep an eye on Marci while he’s away on his honeymoon with Marci’s twin sister. Osbourne agrees - he’s super attracted to Marci, thinks she’s sex on legs, but he’s really wary because he thinks she’s a fricking nutcase. He really does - and he doesn’t think it lightly either. But he’s thrown together with her and starts to realize that maybe she’s just eccentric instead and maybe she’s okay afterall. Actually it felt more like what he ends up thinking is that her sanity is no deterrent from getting into her pants. And he does...with his super monster wang. This didn’t really work for me at all. It came down to the fact that, from the start, Osbourne has no respect for Marci, thinks she’s cute, but crazy and all he wants is to have sex with her. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, after they’ve had sex, he invites her to stay with him, long-term. Then all of a sudden, he believes she’s psychic and he’s in love with her. It felt so unnatural in its development. And it never felt like Marci had any reason to really like Osbourne either.

Bah Humbug, Baby - Gemma Bruce - 3 /5 - This was fairly cute. Allison and Lee are self-proclaimed soulmates who let life get in the way of their being happy together, so they’ve been broken up for a year. Their families trick them into staying together in an isolated cabin during a snowstorm, in a town called Good Cheer. Here they get a taste of being reunited, but both of them wonder if they can actually give it another go when the snow melts. Allison and Lee definitely have some chemistry and they’re sexing it up left and right in this story...with some fairly sexy scenes too. I liked that they started out with so much history and it really felt like they knew each other inside and out. I realize now that a lot of second chance romances just reunited the characters and it feels like they’re strangers. I also liked that neither of them had any qualms about admitting they still loved the other. They knew the love was there, it was other things they had problems with. And yet, there were still some problems in this story.

First off, they never really get past their bitterness of their past fight...I still don’t even fully know what happened. It sounded pretty brutal with two workaholics planning a trip and Allison showing up 2 days late and Lee deciding to leave without her. That’s definitely something that needs to be worked through. Instead of having any discussion about their relationship (or lack thereof), the both of them are succumbing to the crazy lust that lets them just set it all aside and live an illusion for a week. So it’s clear then, that they have the personalities to live a happy life in isolation of their actual jobs...but what happens when they’re back in reality? And in the end, there’s not enough resolution in that department. I mean, while they’re running around trying to find out if the experience in Good Cheer actually happened and uncovering a little X-Files type mystery, neither of them are discussing how they’re going to get past their actual problems. Realizing you’ll do anything to be together and actually solving those problems are totally different. Did Lee give up his overseas work? Is Allison done being a workaholic or is she gonna show up to their wedding 2 days late? Have they completely finished “reacting” instead of listening? I think maybe a epilogue would have worked here.

By Firelight - Janice Maynard - 2.5 /5 - While rather trite and cliche, this still had a bit going for it. Grant is an artist staying in his remote yet luxurious cabin in the middle of nowhere when Maddy Tierney stumbles up to his cabin during a snowstorm. He instantly brings her in and cares for her...and when she wakes they both feel the intense attraction and need to unload their innermost secrets. Grant is instantly certain that Maddy is “the one” but Maddy had a blow to her faith in love when her parents she’s a bit less certain. But they both definitely want to sex things up, except Grant wants to wait a bit so Maddy will know it’s for REAL. As I said, super cliche. And really this kinda felt like a longer story squeezed into a smaller space, since it takes them 3 days to fall in love and propose marriage...and even less for them to have wild monkey sex (which is unfortunately also written on fast foward). And because this goes so fast, the characters don’t really have a lot of subtlety or nuance. They’re bold and brash in in your face with what they want. Still, the characters were pretty likeable, especially Grant. I also liked the dog named Van Gogh...and if you ask me she didn’t get enough screen time. This was kind of an idealistic time together for the couple (and the dog) and then suddenly, reality intruded and they hit a speed bump. And I got a bit confused about why they were bent out of shape. He asked her to go to his family Christmas, she said she wasn’t comfortable and he assumed she’d just rejected him outright. I don’t remember her saying that it was over or they couldn’t be together on a slower timeline or anything, she just didn’t want to go with him to Christmas dinner. So I was a bit confused why he was upset, but I guess he misunderstood. Still, a decent enough read, but not a particularly memorable one.

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