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Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar
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it was amazing

As with many comics originally released in individual issues, the publishers later released this trade paperback compilation of the issues–13 through 16 in Volume 4, with more volumes scheduled for release after the individual issues have been out a while.

I had already written outlines and reviews of the four comics as they came out. There's not much point in writing up rereleased content, but just for your info, I'll spotlight the included stories and mention the variant covers!

(They call the issues "chapters" in this compilation.)

CHAPTER THIRTEEN is about Steven and Peridot learning about dealing with Lapis’s depression, with some help from Garnet trying to reassure Lapis about her anxieties.

For issue 13 there were only two covers included; they have continued the trend of reducing the covers to only a main cover and a subscription cover now.

1. The main cover: Steven, Lapis, and Peridot playing in the water (same as the front cover image of the trade paperback), by Missy Peña.

2. Subscription cover: the Gems walking through a forest in the rain, by Miracle Mosley.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN is about Steven trying to arrange a concert for Greg with the help of the Cool Kids, but the Gems’ activities and some unforeseen complications get in the way.

For issue 14, here are the two covers included.

1. Main cover: Young Greg and Rose with a microphone, by Missy Peña.

2. Subscription cover: Lars, Sadie, and Steven in a greenhouse, by Eleonora Bruni.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN is about Garnet and Steven on a mission that requires the special skills of Ruby and Sapphire–if only they can avoid getting distracted.

For issue 15, here are the two covers included.

1. Main cover: The Gems walking through the Strawberry Field holding weapons (except Steven, who’s carrying a giant strawberry), by Joey Granger.

2. Subscription cover: Stevonnie in armor with sword and shield, with Lion roaring behind them, by Jade Lee.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN is about Steven and Amethyst going to a concert with Kiki and Jenny (breaking Kofi’s rules to do it), and getting in trouble with various car troubles and mystery creature attacks.

For issue 16, here are the two covers included.

1. Main cover: A gallery of Amethyst Fusions (Alexandrite, Sugilite, Opal, and Smoky Quartz), with Amethyst in the front, by Grace Kraft.

2. Subscription cover: Stained glass style Steven and Connie in a central window, surrounded by people and images front the show in the same style, by Casey Dimoff.

There is NO other new content in the book, so if you only care about having all the stories and already own individual issues, there is no need to get this. But if you prefer having them all together and want the variant cover art, pick it up!

Story-wise, I didn’t really have a favorite here, though obviously I can’t resist any plot that has Ruby and Sapphire being dorks and ruining missions because they’re so attracted to each other. I did really like the attention on respect and space for someone who struggles with anxiety and depression in issue 13, and of course I love seeing Garnet being the one to give practical advice without being condescending. The art as always was so lovely, with so many great scenes featuring characters we love.

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