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Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
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Feb 08, 2012

really liked it
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Thoughtless....the perfect description for Keira! This is where the book looses a star for me.
I don't think anyone could truly be that naive! Did she really think that cuddling, holding hands and flirting innocently (is that even really a thing!) would not eventually lead to something and that the guy wouldn't eventually want more!
I REALLY am not a fan of this girl! Selfish would be another word.
But Kellan. Poor poor tormented Kellan. If you were a Travis fan (Beautiful Disaster then I think Kellan is his long last brother!! I gotta be honest, he could do so much better.
And poor Denny, the poor guy didn't do anything wrong but love her & trust her. Misplaced trust as it turns out. *shakes head*
But seriously the writing in this book had me sitting on the edge of my seat, I nearly felt as torn up as Kellan did. You feel every kiss, every heated moment, every argument.
I had said to myself that I wouldn't go straight into Effortless because I couldn't take anymore angst for a while & also that Thoughtless finished kinda perfect....but yet here I am 20% into it LOL.
So in conclusion if, like me, you loved Beautiful Disaster or enjoyed the likes of The Vincent Boys than this is the book for you.
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Quotes ★Ruth★ Liked

S.C. Stephens
“Dude, he's Australian...not a pirate.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

S.C. Stephens
“What if I don’t choose you, Kellan? What will you do?”
He looked away, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’ll leave, Kiera. I’ll leave, and you and Denny can have your happily ever after.” He looked back at me. “You wouldn’t even need to tell him about me. Eventually, the two of you…” his voice broke and another tear fell on his cheek, “the two of you would get married, and have children, and have a great life.”
I fought back a sob. “And you? What happens to you in that scenario?”
“I…get by. And I miss you, every day,” he whispered.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

S.C. Stephens
“It's okay... it will be okay. You're just young. Your'e young and inexperienced, and Kellan is hotter than all fuck.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

S.C. Stephens
“He spoke rapidly in-between his tender kisses. "I love you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. The women...I was so scared to touch you. You didn't want me...I couldn't take the pain. I tried to get over you. Every time with them, I was with you. I'm so sorry...I love you.”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

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2.0% "Could Denny BE anymore perfect ....bleurgh"
40.0% "OK so Denny & Keria are so sickenly in love that I couldn't see how things could go wrong, but then he leaves her on her own for months....but did she really think she could hold hands & cuddle with a guy & everything would be fine!!!!"
75.0% "Hhhmmmm so everything seems to be rosey but with 25% left is obviously going to go pete tong! I don't think I can take it!" 5 comments
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Juls all those quotes, OMG i think i need a reread already *sigh*

★Ruth★ IKR I recently recommended Beautiful Disaster to a friend and she was commenting away as she read it, so I said to myself I'll just have a little peek to refresh my memory but ended up reading it again from start to finish.
Kellan & Travis are so like long lost brothers it's unreal!

Juls oh yeah! Travis was physical, not to Abby but with his belongings and Kellan totally fucked with Kiera's head with all those women.
i think i love fucked up men LOL

★Ruth★ Just as long as we can fix them in the end LOL
Travis, Kellan, Christian..........the list is endless :)

Juls i dont know if i wanna fix them. i kinda like the "bad" in them LOL

Desireedenato Have you read The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher? I think you would really like it based on your review of Thoughtless. I liked Thoughtless, there were a little too many bad adjectives and lack of editing ofor me to LOVE it.

Kristin (KC) i have yet to read this but it's on my list. thanks for your informative review!

★Ruth★ Wow I've only seen the last few comments now (thanks Goodreads!)
Desi I have The Opportunist on my TBR & hope to get to it soon.
And Thanks Kris :)

message 9: by Ais (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ais Done reading it yesterday, and as much as i want to rate it 5 stars, i really cant and im blaming it to KIera! She pissed me off big time! I really love Kellan though he wasnt able to replace Travis Maddox in my heart, im still addicted to Travis!:) I would still read Effortless and give Kiera a chance!:D

message 10: by ★Ruth★ (last edited Dec 07, 2012 01:16PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

★Ruth★ Hi Ais, Effortless is definitely worth a read but I enjoyed this one more TBH.
Keira has to be THE WORST heroine ever!
And I have to agree Travis Maddox has not yet been surpassed by any fictional hero for me either :)

message 11: by Maike (new) - rated it 1 star

Maike Jensen I so agree with your thoughts on Kiera. I'm still only about 21% into the book, but I want to strangle her. Seriously. Where is the guilt? Nobody is that naive. Hopefully I will enjoy it more as Kellan gets more involved in the story, but at the moment I don't really want to continue reading. (I will though, just because of the mentioned similarities between Kellan and Travis - haha)

★Ruth★ Kellan really goes from strength to strength & will get you through the tough times :) But I can understand you wanting to give up. If it helps she does get her just desserts......

Nycole I am abuot 50% through and I want to choke that b@tch out. I love Kellan, Denny is OK but her, god I hate HER!!!

★Ruth★ Nycole wrote: "I am abuot 50% through and I want to choke that b@tch out. I love Kellan, Denny is OK but her, god I hate HER!!!"

Yep, I'm with you sister! LOL

Nycole Ruth wrote: "Nycole wrote: "I am abuot 50% through and I want to choke that b@tch out. I love Kellan, Denny is OK but her, god I hate HER!!!"

Yep, I'm with you sister! LOL"

Well done with it now and I still HATE Kiera. I LOVE Kellan but she sucked.

Tricia I agree whole heartedly with your review! I am about 70% through this book and I can't stand Kiera! Both these guys are way too good for her! It's crazy because I really am enjoying this book even though I want to throttle Keira most of the time.

★Ruth★ That's how I felt Tricia....to be fair to the author it's a credit to her writing that even though I HATED the "h" I couldn't put the book down!

Nycole Now with all that being said (OMG I hate to admit this but....) I just ordered and started reading Effortless. I can't help myself I just LOVE Kellan so much I figured I would try to deal with that moron Kiera. I read a few reviews of Effortless and they say she gets better let's hope. As for Thoughless, go ahead and read it because Kellan will melt your heart, just be prepared to be annoyed with her.

Tricia Ruth wrote: "That's how I felt Tricia....to be fair to the author it's a credit to her writing that even though I HATED the "h" I couldn't put the book down!"

I totally agree!! Even though I couldn't stand Kiera, I still wanted her and Kellan together, just so he could have his happy ending, ya know? I absolutely adored him! I actually just finished the book, and I have to say it brought me immense pleasure when she got punched in the head! Lol I felt like that was well deserved! I am going to be starting Effortless next, and I hope it's even better than Thoughtless. I hope you are right Nycole, it would be pretty fantastic if Kiera is, even just a little, better in the next book!

★Ruth★ I was the same girls, I just couldn't resist going straight onto effortless, even though I promised myself I was just gonna have a quick peek to see what happened I couldn't put the bloody thing down!

& Yes Tricia I agree, the punch in the head was the best! If ever a character deserved one it was her!

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