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Infinite Crisis by Geoff Johns
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Jul 16, 2008

did not like it
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I will give a shiny new penny to anyone who can explain with any level of coherence what's happening here.

It's damn near Dadist.
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Michael I'd give it a shot but it depends on what you consider 'coherence'...

Bryce Wilson It is not worth a dime to me to know what happened here.

A Million Monkeys with a Million Typewriters couldn't come up with anything more incoherent. And I include random strings on consonants in that equation.

Like reading a Chemistry book with pictures of people punching eachother so hard they made heads explode.

message 3: by Noran (new)

Noran Miss Pumkin you last comment should be your review! Oh, I do know someone who could explain it all to you, but he does not work that cheaply. He is my brother--the guru of comics. No he has good taste, he just understands it all.....!

Melissa Probably when i finish it... I read Final Crisis first, and i dont think this one is harder to understand than that one... im reading this one to understand better but with your comments i think is not going to be easy...

Jake DC published a lot of build-up to Infinite Crisis and if you didn't read any of it, you're going to be confused. Reading The OMAC Project will clear a lot of things up, but there's also Day of Vengeance, Rann-Thanagar War, and Superman: Sacrifice.

message 6: by Dan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dan You should read Crisis on Infinite Earths to understand what went on.

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