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When Maidens Mourn by C.S. Harris
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Feb 08, 2012

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Read on March 06, 2012

3.5 stars

I wanted more Hero and Devlin! But really, I think this was a pretty good start at dealing with the complexities of their marriage and introducing Devlin's brother is certainly an interesting road to go down.

Seriously, the next one needs more of them being married, though. I mean that.

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message 1: by steph (new)

steph There are married people in this book. SHOULD I READ THEM?

Jess YES. But since this came out today and it will be a year until the next one, there is no rush. This is the first book they're married in, though. The first six (six!) build to it and they get married at the end of book six.

message 3: by steph (new)

steph I just checked and we have all six at work so I think I will put a hold on them. Question though, I was reading some of the reviews and murder/mystery > romance, yes? BUT IS THE ROMANCE STILL GOOD?

Jess They are more mysteries than romance. But the romance, which is sort of a reluctant one, is really good. That sounds like such a weak endorsement, I'm sorry.

But let's put it this way: I did not expect to ship the people that I mentioned when the series started. That I was anxious for them to get married and now always want more, is probably a sign that it's good, yes?

Another series that is more mystery than romance, but has AWESOME romance is Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily books. She tours with Lauren Willig, if that will do as an endorsement.

message 5: by steph (new)

steph No, I get what you mean and yes, wanting more of a couple means the writer is doing a good job. I'm just kinda in the mood for stories that feature already married couples because 99% of the stories I read show the before and the right after but none show the long term (if that makes sense)

And Tasha Alexander you say? EXCUSE ME. BRB

Jess Yeah, if you want married people right now, I'd read Tasha Alexander first. I think there are six or seven of those, too, and they've been married for at least the last three.

message 7: by steph (new)

steph I have the first one sitting next to me right now. Sometimes I think I shouldn't work at a library.

Jess Haha, that would be extremely dangerous for me. In my volunteer interview yesterday they were talking about me pulling reserves sometimes and all I could think of was how many books I'd see and want to check out.

message 9: by steph (new)

steph It's gotten better. I actually don't check out as many as I used to but still. It's the convenient factor. Like if I lived next door to a cupcake factory. I'D BE ALL OVER THOSE CUPCAKES

Katie Check out Earlene Fowler, too, Steph! More mystery, but they get married at the end of book 2! (And they're up to, IDK, the teens now.)

message 11: by steph (new)

steph My little old neighbor lady reads the Earlene Fowler books (I know, because I get them for her). They are the ones with the quilts on them, yes. Um, yeah...probably not going to happen. But thanks, Katie!

Katie LOL. Jess and Grace, back me up on this! They're much more awesome than the covers imply!

message 13: by Jess (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jess That's actually true! They're good mysteries/marriage books.

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