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The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders
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"Humans are experts at storing knowledge and forgetting facts..."

For the record, I disliked Bianca from the get-go. Her narcissistic, spoiled rich kid personality was so obvious. I had to suspend disbelief that someone as sharp as Sophie wouldn't see right through Bianca. Yeah, I'm (maybe too) hard on YA relationships*, I know this; after all, most everyone gets duped by someone at some point in their life, right? Or is my cynical side showing...

I'll admit I am not well read in sf. I spent most of my life roaming around and exploring the f in SFF. So it can take me longer to sink into sf worlds. Anders crafts a tangible new planet with January and really breathes life into it with striking imagery.

But there was a lot of time spent on the worldbuilding -- like 200 pages before the really good bits kicked in. Personally, I would've liked to have started with the Gelet and stayed with them far longer than 30+ pages.

And, while I get the final pages, the ending is abrupt. I think the point was to end on hope, despite the planet's prognosis. At least that's how I choose to interpret it.


*Disclaimer: A major pet peeve is toxic relationships in which one partner continually gives into the other partner. Like the one partner has a secret power and the other partner is helpless against it or something. Yes, I realize this is part of what makes codependent relationships bad; I just can't stand to read from the POV of the push over.

Now, the character and relationship that fits the above does have a believable transformation, if not of the too-little-too-late variety. Kind of like, so much more could've been accomplished and avoided if the character had wised up sooner than later.

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