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The Pirate and the Penguin by Patricia Storms
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Reviewed by Ken Kilback

Penguin is bored and cold. He hates everything about the South Pole, from Chilly Cove to doing yoga. So Penguin sets sail on an ice floe in search of sun and adventure. Meanwhile, Pirate is bored and hot. He hates everything about his life, from the Seasick Seas to looking for treasure. What he wants is inner peace and a bit of coolness. When Pirate’s ship and Penguin’s ice floe collide, Pirate makes Penguin walk the plank for trespassing. However, Pirate honours Penguin’s last request to wear his pirate hat, thereby transforming both of their lives for good. The only question is: will their idea work?

This is a fun and touching story filled with lots of great humour. Engaging dialogue moves the narrative along quickly, while the use of simple language reveals the depth of Pirate’s and Penguin’s hopes and desires. Patricia Storms’ pen and ink and watercolour illustrations are rich with detail and whimsy. Rather than carrying a sword, Pirate wields a Shiver- Me-Timbers Back Scratcher. Pirate and his crew also have access to various maps that can lead them to such places as the mall, fridge, bathroom and grandma’s house. The end papers are also made up of wonderfully whimsical maps of “the really boring (and cold!) South Pole” and “the hot and itchy Caribbean Sea.” This book marks the spot for a very fun read.

Canadian Children's Book News (Winter 2010, Vol. 33, No. 1)

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