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On My Walk by Kari-Lynn Winters
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Reviewed by Senta Ross

What could be finer than taking a leisurely walk through a neighbourhood park where there are so many interesting things to see and hear? Within a Vancouver setting, a mother, child, and pet dog experience the clippity-clop of a horse, the frippity-frop of a frog, the hippity-hop of a bug, the flippity-flop of a fish, and the slippityslop of an ice-cream cone. It is only when they hear the drippity-drop of the raindrops that their summer walk evolves into a summer run as they scurry home, quickly bypassing the sights and sounds encountered earlier on their journey.

Author Kari-Lynn Winters has written a simple 75-word story perfectly suited to very young children. This rhythmic text will encourage them to chant the words and create their own sound effects. Pronouncing the onomatopoeic script will be especially entertaining.

Christina Leist’s digital artwork depicts the landscape from a child’s point of view. Young readers will appreciate absorbing the illustrations depicting the natural surroundings of a pond, beach and cityscape. They will enjoy the antics of the comical pet dog who is especially excited by his explorations. As the story progresses, note how the bright sunny sky gradually transforms into a dark, brooding atmosphere.

On My Walk will gently remind caregivers and children about the beauty in the world around them, no matter where they live!

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