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Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg
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Feb 06, 2012

really liked it

Jumanji is orientated in a landscape fashion, which seems unusual due to the fact that it is mostly a portrait book. The lack of a "landscape" subject causes on to assume it would be done in a portrait landscape. The illustrations are very realistic and are done in what appears to be pencil. The illustrations are in black and white with a mixture of thin lines, thick lines, circular lines, and diagonal lines. There are a lot of straight edges. The text is located on the left hand side of the pages and the illustration is on the right. There is a thin grey line border that surrounds the text followed by a white border. The white border continues onto the page with the illustrations. The Illustrations look very smooth with little texture but Van Allsburg captures still life cleanly and concise. The book jacket has a picture of two monkeys in a kitchen with a girl looking at them in shock. When you take the jacket off, you find a simple green book with gold lettering. The illustrations were mostly done with a foreground and a background. They have a lot of depth to them, and there is an occasionally birds eye view shot. You are up close and personal with the characters in the book and you can feel the danger and nerves the kids must be feeling even though we are safe in our rooms away from the stampeding rhino's or hungry lions. The type face is very simple and basic. It gets to the point without distracting. Even though the book is chaotic, the text is calming but the words excite you. It's like the two contradict each other but work so well together.

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