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The Professor by Cathy Perkins
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Feb 06, 2012

it was amazing

I may not know much about romantic suspense, but I do know what I like -- NOT.

The Professor pulls just about every chestnut out of the romantic suspense bag: the hunter-turned-hunted twist, the hunter-targets-relative twist, the detective gets involved with a person of concern twist, etc., etc.

Strangely, it all comes together and there must be a moral in there somewhere: perhaps that the oldest chestnuts are the sweetest.

I usually detest thrillers in which one narrative line assumes the POV of the villain, giving us ever more insights into (usually) his motivation and methods but palming important clues to his identity. Again, with The Professor Ms Perkins makes this old nag plough a straight, deep furrow.

Plot holes there are aplenty, especially those defining the psychology and social background of the villain, but the story works despite these lacunae.

It's a relief to know that there are still authors out there who can pen a captivating romantic suspense novel. There's life in the old genre yet.

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