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Manhattan Secret by V. Theia
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There are no words in this world that can describe the greatness of Manhattan Secret, Seriously! This book completely blew my mind and filled my heart to the BRIM with love.
I didn't think I could love more than I did Noah Fierro ( Taboo Love Duet ) and then along came Theo Fierro ( Manhattan Storm ) I never in a million years thought I'd be all gooey over Lachlan, although he was badass in his brother's book. Teacher/Student is hit and miss for me because most authors make it slightly perverted and wrong so I can't enjoy it.
NOT THE CASE HERE! It was EVERYTHING you want in a romance.
Just because Lachie is younger, didn't mean he didn't know what he wanted or wasn't mature enough to handle that kind of love or Laney's inner struggles.

Oh, Laney struggled with her attraction and love of this guy and I felt every palpable emotion she was feeling.
The author did amazing with the heroine.
Heroines don't ever get enough praise, but I'm standing up for her right now.
She made mistakes and she FIXED them.
That was my all time favorite part.

“Have either of you slept with my boyfriend?”

I love a girl who isn't afraid to grovel for the one she loves when she knows she's fucked up and needs to fix it.
In those chapters, Laney and Lachlan were epic. A true favorite couple.

Brilliant side characters, funny lines, hot lines, chapters I gulped and read more than once just to have those feel good feelings again.
I want to live in a world where the Fierro's exist!!!!
Knowing that Lachlan was happy when we saw him in Theo's book makes me appreciate that book all the more too.
Author queen did amazing with a taboo trope, she flew these two to the moon and back.
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Quotes Laura||GandyFangirl♡ Liked

V. Theia
“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
Don’t touch the forbidden.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I’m Lachlan Fierro and rules are always meant to be broken.
I’ve never met a rule that I don’t love to twist.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I know the moment I see her, that she’s my biggest risk.
The sweetest, untouchable apple.
Not for me.
Don’t touch, Lachlan.
But I want her.
Crave her.
There is no risk I won’t take, even if it means I lose everything.
If she loses everything.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“she’s worth it all.
She isn’t meant for me.
She is worth it.
Because forbidden never tasted so good before.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“Being the second oldest means I am far from spoiled—neither are any of the Fierro kids, but … I always hold the mentality of, I want what I want, and I want it now.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I’ve discovered my own personal heaven inside her.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“Every nuance of my body is alive, quaking with a predatorial need deep in my gut.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I’m thinking I should take a trip to Vegas, because this kind of luck… this fate, dropping her in my lap this way, is a once in a lifetime.
Bet big or go home.
I let my eyes eat her up.
So tightly strung is Miss Sloan.
Fuck. I want to say her name just like that when I’m working my way into her.
Sick bastard that I am, knowing she’s my teacher means jack all to me, it certainly doesn’t put on any kind of moral brakes.
In fact, I think I might be a little more turned on.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“Her nervous, wild eyes boomeranging back to me every few seconds, almost as if she’s waiting for me to say something. Sexy little mouse.
The woman defines the meaning of sex appeal hidden under her good girl persona. I just bet she’s terrified to step outside of the box she’s been told she can never come out of to have a little fun.
Lucky for Delaney Sloan, she’s met me now.
I don’t believe in boxes or holding back if I want something.
Or someone.
And I want to fuck her again.
Badly, as it turns out.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I want to take her brutally and dirty until we’re both blind.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“The fragile moment is interrupted when she drops her seeking gaze but sweet teach is far too late if she thinks I don’t see the desire pulsing in the depths of those spectacular eyes.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“Now we share a secret, me and the little mouse.
Whether she likes it or not.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“This man-boy is going to be trouble.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

V. Theia
“I wanna take you somewhere and get you naked.”
Yeah, I said it.
Honesty is always the best policy.
You get nowhere unless you ask for what you want.”
V. Theia, Manhattan Secret

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message 1: by Elisha (new) - added it

Elisha Blade You make me want to read a teacher/student (usually not my thing) 😍

Laura||GandyFangirl♡ Elisha wrote: "You make me want to read a teacher/student (usually not my thing) 😍"

It's a V romance, it's not the usual you'd expect. Lachie is only a student for a few weeks.

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