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We Are All Good People Here by Susan Rebecca White
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really liked it
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3.5 rounded up
Social injustices, racism, antisemitism, anti war sentiment of US involvement in Vietnam are some of the issues that are front and center in this story of two young women who forge a friendship in college in the early 1960’s. Eve is from a well to do, elite family in Atlanta, steeped in tradition and their beliefs that the war is fine as long as it’s not their son who has to go, but the son of their black maid -“somebody has to go”. They also believe that their benevolence to their black maid and Eve’s nanny, by simply giving her a job absolves them of any idea that they are racist. Their idealistic and impetuous daughter thinks differently and she rebels through her path of radical activism. Daniella whose father is Jewish, comes from a completely different background and her path is a more tempered one of humanitarian activism. They become best friends, thinking at first that they think and feel very much the same, both with good intentions, but their different responses and actions impact their relationship and it is not until years later that they come together. Eve needs Daniella’s help to get her out the messy, dangerous circumstances she finds herself in after leading a life of radicalism.

I wasn’t immediately taken with the story, but as it progressed, I became more interested, thinking about the different ways that people respond to social injustice and inequality. It was also stunning to think of how some of the issues, particularly with regard to racism and anti semitism are still here today. I was warned about an unnecessarily gruesome scene involving animal abuse . In all honesty, when I got to it, I skipped through it. I don’t understand why it was there. Overall, I thought it was worth reading and I also enjoyed the continuation of the story through the lives of Eve’s and Daniella’s daughters. It was an excellent portrayal of the times spanning the 1960’s - 1980’s, civil rights, Kennedy’s assassination, Vietnam. It’s also an excellent character study that had me thinking about the women’s motivations at various times in the novel.

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Karen I did round it up but don’t know if I should have,😀

Angela M I’m not sure , Karen. Thinking about it as I work on my review.

Cheri I enjoyed more of the portrayal of the times than aspects of the story. I didn't, still don't, understand why the animal abuse scene was even included, it added nothing to the story. Excellent review, Angela!

Angela M Thanks, Cheri. I enjoyed how well she reflects the time too. Definitely don’t get that animal abuse scene. I didn’t read it all .

Brenda - Host of Traveling Sisters & Friends Wonderful review, Angela!

Angela M Brenda, thanks so much .

message 7: by Diane S ☔ (new) - added it

Diane S ☔ Couldn't get through it, so kudos to you. Super review, Angela.

Mary Beth *Traveling Sister* Superb review, Angela! 🌸

Angela M Thanks, Diane . I would have given it up if didn’t have your warning . Fortunately it was the only occurrence.

Angela M Thanks, Mary Beth !

message 11: by Felicia (new)

Felicia Excellent review, Angela 💖

Angela M Felicia, thank you!

message 13: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil Great review, Angela. I quite liked this one too.

Karen Awesome review Angela! I love portrayals of those years that’s what brought it up to four stars for me.

Angela M Thanks, Esil and Karen. I enjoyed both of your reviews as well.

Julie I have been so curious about this one. Splendid review, Angela! 💖

Angela M Thanks, Julie .

message 18: by Bianca (new)

Bianca Excellent review, Angela.

Michelle Great review, Angela! I too skipped over the cat part.

Angela M Thanks, Michelle. I really didn’t get why it was there but I was glad that I had been warned . If there had been another scene I would have stopped reading.

message 21: by Kaceey (new)

Kaceey Excellent review Angela!

message 22: by JanB (new)

JanB Great review Angela. The premise sounds so good, but animal abuse...ugh. Why??

message 23: by Nicola (new)

Nicola Excellent review Angela! It sounds like a difficult read in places! :)

message 24: by Jen (new)

Jen Great review, Angela.
Like Karen, I love those years even as a Canadian I find the history fascinating. I think I may consider reading it.

message 25: by May (new) - added it

May Angela M, this would not be on my TR list but for this review. As a member of that generation, as I reconnect to past classmates, as we talk about (or avoid) the issues today, I am now drawn to this story! Thank you!!

Angela M Kaceey, thanks so much .

Angela M Jan, thanks. I don’t get it . It was one scene which I skipped . Ugh is right ! Why is a question I’d like to ask the author.

Angela M Jen, thanks. A tough time in US history and interesting to look back on .

Angela M May , thanks. I lived through much of what happens here too and the author does z great job of depicting the time.

message 30: by Libby (new)

Libby The time period is an interesting one for me, too, as I remember how a close friend had a Vietnam POW bracelet when we were in HS. Our political lives and parts of our consciousness were just beginning. Excellent review, Angela!

Angela M Libby , thanks so much . I wore one of those bracelets and was broken hearted when I found out that a guy I was friends with in high school was killed in Vietnam.

message 32: by Libby (new)

Libby Angela M wrote: "Libby , thanks so much . I wore one of those bracelets and was broken hearted when I found out that a guy I was friends with in high school was killed in Vietnam."

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Angela.

Angela M Libby , thanks. So many years ago and still feels so senseless.

message 34: by Debbie (last edited Aug 22, 2019 04:08AM) (new) - added it

Debbie This sounds so good, but a 3-star rating doesn’t put it high on my list. Love books set in my time period. Fantastic review!

Angela M Thanks, Debbie!

message 36: by Jaidee (new)

Jaidee Interesting review Angela and I am glad I got a taste through your review. I am going to pass on this one for now....

Angela M Thanks, Jaidee !

Elyse Walters Hi Angela. I enjoyed reading your review- Angela and your thoughts.

I loved the re-call memories of looking back at fashion - lol
Did you wear saddle shoes, Angela? Lol
Great review 🥰

Angela M Elyse , thanks! I absolutely wore saddle shoes - lol !

message 40: by Laysee (new)

Laysee Angela, it is good to read this review and the trail of comments to learn that this book captured the political and social realities of the 1960s through 1980s. Appreciated your thoughts on this book and am glad it was rewarding for you.

Angela M Laysee, thanks so much . This depiction of the time was definitely one of the things I loved about this book.

message 42: by Holly (new)

Holly  B Glad you enjoyed it Angela!!

Angela M Thanks, Holly !

message 44: by Carol (new)

Carol Your review is excellent, Angela! It sounds interesting and it would resonate because I lived those years. Still, I'm fried right now with some of the same from our current times.

Angela M Thanks, Carol . I feel the same way .

message 46: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Metcalf Wonderful review Angela. I don't think I'll be adding this one but I did appreciate your thoughts.

message 47: by Victoria (new) - added it

Victoria So happy to see this (mostly) positive review. I have to read it for book club and my interest was waning, but seems as if there's much to discuss.

Angela M Thanks, Victoria. I’ll look for your review.

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