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Blood on the Bayou by Stacey Jay
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A nice followup to book one, but there was a little bit too much going on for me, especially in the love interest department.

Our heroine Annabelle (if you can call a semi-alcoholic indecisive hot mess a heroine) has agreed to help ex-boyfriend and current FBI operative Hitch solve the case of the missing syringes. Basically, Annabelle gets in way over her head but does manage to stay smart and avoid looking like she has no idea what she's doing. Annabelle's character does 'detective' very well and she is convincing as someone who cares about her fellow man, even if she tries really hard not to.

In the love department though, Annabelle is as dumb as a stick sometimes. She has NOT ONE, NOT TWO, but THREE super hot-guys who are interested in her, and she spends the entire book flipping back and forth between the three. I thought it was a bit too much, it made Annabelle's love life very frantic, and it made the book pace change constantly. I didn't understand a lot of her decision in her love life, which is surprising because we get so much information about it - a lot of the book is dedicated to Annabelle's inner turmoil.

As a final note, Annabelle must be one hot lady, because the guys still wanted to do her even when she had just finished tromping through a swamp for several hours. I need to find out what brand of deoderant she wears or something!!

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