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Dangerous Love

“Evil was powerful, but love was dangerous.”

For a debut effort this is surprisingly well done. The author drops you in the middle of a character’s breakdown which pulls you into a story that centers around a couple who lost each other to their demons and ambitions. The language is real and gritty. The emotions of the main characters are nuanced well throughout the story. The arc in the development of the characters is impressive. The pacing is spot on. The novel flows even though there are time jumps and different POV’s in a complicated plot. She tells a full story in this book and sets the stage for more to come. I truly enjoyed the dramatic style and depth of thematic content.

The story centers around a family legacy of a decades-long recording studio music production enterprise in Georgia. The protagonist, Atticus Creed is a wonderfully damaged and brooding anti-hero hating the fact that he is still in love with the woman who betrayed him for her ambitions years ago. He is also a recovering drug addict. We are brought in close to this character through his POV. He is quite the dark delight for the reader who loves the sexy beautiful damaged Alpha male.

The heroine, Sophie, is interesting as she is also troubled, but in many ways, fearless. She begins her journey with Atticus as an innocent in love with his music. They fall in love deeply and irrevocably. But the world of Perversion records brings out her ambitions as she is brought into the orbit of Imogen, the sister of Atticus, Merritt, Imogen’s best friend and Ezra, a convicted felon who is the husband of Merritt. In their conspiracy to wrest control of Perversion records from Imogen and Atticus’ father, Sophie makes Atticus an unwitting participant. He walks away from his legacy with a fierce brutality leaving Sophie with a broken heart and her demons which she tries to control in disturbing ways.

Their reunion is the classic hate-fuck of all time. Speaking of which, this author writes with smolder and passion. Really sizzling…Gawd…It's pantie-vaporizing!!! The reader is kept on tether hooks through quite some drama between these two, even wondering if its possible for them to recapture the magic they once shared without destroying each other or themselves in the process.

“Instinct led me to love him. Love begged me to trust him. Guilt seduced me to regret the ways I’d hurt him.”

You may think you can guess how this story ends but be prepared for a wild and stunning ride with a plot that twists and turns through plot points like a slithering snake of evil, possession, deviance and desire. Love and music are made in exquisite harmony from agony. I was impressed and really loved the way the story expanded and grew.

I was struck by the sheer talent on display of this new author. I hope to enjoy more of her work as this saga continues. If you enjoy your romance dark, erotic, tortured, twisted but oh so satisfying, then this is a surefire read not to be missed.

I was surprised and delighted with an ARC from the author. I have been on a review-writing hiatus of sorts. I just had to come out of exile and write this, it was that good.
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Nazanin Amazing review, Susan! Glad it was a good read! 💚

Susan Nazanin wrote: "Amazing review, Susan! Glad it was a good read! 💚"

Hi Nazanin!!! I really enjoyed this!!! This writer is really talented!!! It's great to see you!!! I hope all is well!!! 💖😘💖

V💜Greedy~Thirst~For~Forbidden🖤 Awesome review Susan 😍 glad you enjoyed this book so much so it was an inspiration for coming out from your exile ❤️ to a future rich of good books 😘

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SimplyƝì₭ Great review. ~

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Kat Valentine Excellent review!!💖😉👍

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liz Great review Susan, as always!😘

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Christine Blake Great review

Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Excellent review, Susan! Glad it was a winner :D

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Susan V💜Greedy~Thirst~For~Forbidden🖤 wrote: "Awesome review Susan 😍 glad you enjoyed this book so much so it was an inspiration for coming out from your exile ❤️ to a future rich of good books 😘"

Thank you, V💜Greedy~Thirst~For~Forbidden🖤. It really was sensational! 💖

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Hi there Nik, Thank you!!! 💖

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