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Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson
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Feb 04, 2012

it was ok
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Wow what boys will do to get their girlfriends back! Unfortunately, all the work Anthony does doesn't get him Diana back, but gets himself beat up a lot. In the end, he probably thought it was all worth it. Great one-liners fused with crisp, descriptive words that I often wondered how MT Anderson managed to construct. Funny premise, kind of unrealistic, entertaining. Interesting characters. Nice slam on burger monopolies that exploit animals and their employees. This is a silly story about Anthony who tries to take revenge on the guy to he found getting it on with his girlfriend, Diana. He applies for a job at Mc (notice the similarity to another burger chain)so he can be close to , to work on his plot to take him down. Luckly an anarchist, also works flipping burgers in the back, so he has an partner in crime. Anthony goes to extreme, funny lengths to carry out his plan. He steals things from the local competition, impersonates an anarchist, and brings down the whole burger join with his plan. He has to tolerate his best friend and his girlfriend in a nauseating relationship, while missing Diana terribly. He walks away with some scrapes, but still didn't get the girl. In the end, he seems to think it was worth the try.

High school age. Language, teenagers in the dark, references to body parts.

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