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Tomboy by Avery Flynn
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it was amazing

I might have a slight addiction to this series. I loved books 1 and 2 (Butterface and Muffin Top, respectively) and couldn’t sign up for an ARC of Tomboy fast enough. I’ll most likely do the same thing when the next book in the series comes out, too. Why am I so addicted to this series? I’m glad you asked…

1. These aren’t makeover stories
You know those romance stories where the hero doesn’t notice the heroine until she’s had a makeover and puts on a sexy little red dress? Yeah, these aren’t books like that. These are stories where the heroines are more realistic. They have flaws and quirks and insecurities and aren’t necessarily movie-star pretty with little heart-shaped faces and button noses. They’re more like real, actual women that you might run into at the grocery store or be friends with in real life. And despite their lack of heart-shaped faces and button noses, they still find their HEAs with hot guys because they’re good-hearted, confident, beautiful-on-the-inside women who are comfortable in their own skin. It’s all pretty inspiring, really.

Now, that’s not to say that Fallon, the heroine in Tomboy, is unattractive. As you can see from the cover model, she’s gorgeous. But she’s the kind of fresh-faced, girl-next-door, sweat-pants-wearing gorgeous that you could definitely find in real life. And never once did she try to be something she wasn’t just to please Zach, the hero, or anyone else. I ADORED Fallon for that alone. Her snarky comments and take-no-shit attitude were just a pleasant bonus.

2. Banter
The banter in these books is beyond fabulous. It’s witty and clever and never feels over-the-top or unrealistic. It’s just right. Fallon’s conversations with Zach—and her conversations with her friends and family—were epically awesome. Avery Flynn could teach a master’s class in writing witty banter as far as I’m concerned. Plenty of other authors could learn a thing or two (or ten) from her.

3. Odds and Ends
It was also great to see Gina and Lucy from the other books again. And also, I know that I always get irritated when people talk about romance novel sex scenes as if they’re the best parts of the books, but...damn, Avery Flynn can write a hot, hot sex scene. Fallon and Zach’s chemistry was RIDICULOUS.

Now, I will admit that Zach is a jerk. BUT while he’s clearly a jerk, he’s not an alphahole. I know the distinction is miniscule, but Zach has some very valid reasons for wanting to keep people at a distance, and even while he was trying to push Fallon away, he never did anything to truly disrespect her. And he was a really good sport at the charity events. Zach has a good heart, even though he tries to hide it under layers of tattoos, piercings, muscles, and assholishness at times.

So, long-story-short, in case I didn’t make myself clear, I adore this series, I adored this book, and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t take a chance and buy this series. That is all.

Full disclosure: We received an ARC from NetGalley free of charge.

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