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In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker
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Feb 04, 2012

really liked it
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Quick Rundown: In Rides Trouble picks up immediately where Hell on Wheels left off. Becky Reichert, owner of the bike shop that covers for Black Knight’s Inc., is on an extended vacation with her friend Eve. Her escape to relaxation is short lived when they are both taken hostage by pirates. Level headed Becky is certain the best way to handle their current predicament is to tame her usual sharp tongue and play it cool with the enemy until her brother and the Black Knights arrive to the rescue. Frank Knight, leader of the Black Knights, is beside himself once he learns of Becky’s kidnapping. Frank has held a torch for Becky since they first met, but do to their age gap, he has never allows that torch to take flame. Becky fell for Frank the moment they met, and is frustrated with his mixed signals and lack of communication. Once Becky is rescued and they return home, the danger is far from over. Becky’s abductor is out for revenge and Frank is determined to protect Becky from danger but will Becky allow his protection, or has she had enough of Frank’s rejection to drive her away for good?

First Impression: We got our first taste of Frank and Becky in Hell on Wheels and at the time I was actually more intrigued with their story than the main characters of the first book. The older man/younger woman pairing is one I always enjoy. This couple already displayed a heavy sexual tension in the first book to the point that Becky took a leave of absence to escape not only her job, but more importantly, Frank. Now, she has been kidnapped by Pirates and Frank along with the other Black Knights are on a mission to rescue her unharmed. Once the rescue attempt was set into motion, I was excited to see how Frank’s feelings and attraction to Becky would change after he found her and they returned home.

The Hero: Frank “Boss” Knight is your typical brooding, caveman, Alpha male who has a fierce protective streak when it comes to Becky. She stirs his emotions and libido like no other woman has and he has danced around his feelings for her for three years. Not only is the age factor a reason why Frank will not pursue a relationship with Becky, but also deep seated childhood issues play a factor which we learn more about as the story progresses.

The Heroine: Independent, self-sufficient, ballsy Rebecca “Rebel” Reichert is the head mechanic of the Black Knights Inc. It’s her garage that fronts for the special ops organization and she is the only female of the group. Becky knows that Frank is attracted to her and is furious that he uses their age gap as a convenient excuse. She finds herself battling continuous aggravation and sexual frustration knowing there is a mutual attraction between the two and yet Frank won’t give an inch when it comes to pursuing anything beyond the job.

What worked: The overall flow of the story was much better than the Hell on Wheels. Less abrupt scene changes and I never felt lost with the multiple storylines. Becky and Frank had serious sexual chemistry that we witnessed in Hell on Wheels which continues strong throughout the story. There was a good balance of action and humor and the author kept the overall lighthearted toned she established in the first book. This series has more of a fluffy, funny, over-the-top vibe without heavy emotion so it hits the mark when you are looking for that type of story.

What didn’t work: I felt like we were cheated in witnessing the couple’s romance take flight. There is no description of courtship or development of feelings and love. We only witness their long term lust for each other which finally consumes them both. What we do observe is miscommunication and misunderstandings by two stubborn characters that are scared to admit their attraction. When they finally give into their feelings, I questioned what attracted them to each other to begin with, other than their excessive sparing/arguing.

Final Conclusion: The story was fun and enjoyable, however I expected to see the couple fall in love and we never witness it on the page and that was my biggest disappointment.

Favorite Quote:

“First of all, he said, scowling, as he watched her wrestle herself into her clothes. You and I do not diddle. We make love. Secondly, I love Shell, but I’m not in love with her. I think there are laws against that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking there are no flowers in my family’s attic, he said as he shoved himself back inside his jeans and fumbled one-handed with the buttons.”
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