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I, Spy? by Kate Johnson
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Feb 02, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: british-humor, contemporary-romance, mystery

I immediately fell in love with the heroine, Sophie Green, a harried British airport employee. She's endearing, charming, flawed but lovable. Luca/Luke Sharpe is a capable alpha hero as a gorgeous undercover spy, and the romantic tension and chemistry between the two are wonderful.

I found the mystery to be engaging, and it was loads of fun to see Sophie learn to be a spy by the seat of her pants. The premise of SO17 was a bit weak - a small collection of motley, half-assed and underfunded spies was entertaining if not very believable. Johnson's writing style is right up my alley: dry and humorous with lots of snappy dialogue and slightly dated pop culture references. I enjoyed the use of first person, and I'm a sucker for all the British humor and slang, and the vulgarisms didn't bother me a bit. (My absolute favorite: "Her Ladyboat" in reference to an aristocrat)

That being said, the airline and airport details were a bit overdone and got a little tedious. Sophie's accidental trip to Rome stretched credibility, and the bizarre cave-in scene in an abandoned building had me completely flummoxed. Did Sophie and Luke really have sex on a pile of rubble after she'd been shot and concussed or not? And if so, how could Luke be such a schmuck to do so? I was so wrapped up in the anticipation of when they'd finally get together, and the author reduced it to a profoundly unsexy description that was a huge letdown. (Spoiler for the actual quote follows...)

(view spoiler)

Really? That's it? ARGH! And to rub salt in the wound, Sophie spends the rest of the book offering up thoughts about how great the sex was, and how she couldn't wait to do it again, but zero details. Maybe I'm a perv, but a sexy description of the actual act (even in flowery language) would've been appreciated.

Still and all, I enjoyed the writer's style and voice enough to buy the next three sequels, so that's saying something. And I read all four within one week's time.

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