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Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu
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Feb 02, 2012

it was amazing
Read on February 01, 2012

I dont know if I wasnt expecting much, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. Delilah is in China on business, looking for metal (which she has an affinity for) when an odd woman in the market convinces her to buy an odd little box. While leaving the market a man grabs her and threatens her but she manages to get away. When she gets back to her hotel room she manages to open the box even though she cant read what it says and it is a sort of puzzle box. Much to her shock, once she opens the box a very large man with lots of weapons appears in her room. The questions begin but his anger and obvious bitterness create a bit of a barrier. Once they are able to communicate without as much hostility, Dela discovers his name is Hari and he has been cursed to live in this box for the last 2000 years except when someone opens it and becomes his master, allowing them to command him to do almost anything. He has been used as a weapon and so many horrible things that he highly doubts Dela's supposed sincerity to free him and not wanting to be his master. They are stuck together due to the magic of the box though, so she has to teach him about a world he hasnt seen in 600 years. When Dela is attacked Hari saves her, but they have no idea why someone is after her. They go out to get him clothes and find out that not only is someone they are unaware of is after her but the Magi who cursed Hari is following them and after them both as well. We eventually discover that Dela's family has started this firm, agency, whatever you want to call it, that consists of people who have talents such as seeing the future, starting fires with their minds, messing with electricity, and of course her ability to read and manipulate metal. Loved getting to see some of the other people in their group and am sure a lot more will come to play in the following books. But I got to say, whats with the cover????

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