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A Version of the Truth by B.P. Walter
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it was ok

There's an “I let out a breath I only now realised I’ve been holding” line on page 19 and I think that's all you need to know about this book.

But seriously, the premise of this book is brilliant and I was very interested at the beginning. The reviews said it's dark and weird and twisted and creepy and shocking and let me tell you I love those things.
Unfortunately the book fell very flat.
Underdevelopped characters. Weak and stupid people everywhere. I don't mind the fact that they're all unlikable (well maybe except for Stephen, the son, the only one with a backbone), I don't need to like the characters to enjoy the book, but people here were just plain STUPID. Starting with James, accidentaly putting his weirdo files in the family dropbox. Hardly a criminal mastermind, amirite? Moving on to Julianne, the queen of stupid, typical "fake it until you make it until you can't anymore" wife. Blinded by her looooooove for her weak and stupid husband, too comfy in her posh life to care about anyone but herself and her merino cardigans. Most of the time she gasps, sighs, vomits, faints and cries. Also, don't get me started on her ridiculous outburst at the end. No one with half a brain would do what she's done.
Holly. Oh boy. Sheltered doesn't even cover how clueless she was.

Every woman in this book is stupid and weak and clueless and time-serving, judgemental, jealous. There are no women in position of power. Any kind of power. They're all housewives sipping mimosas and going to John Lewis. Did they all went to Oxford to catch husbands? What is it? 1930? Also this book fails Bechdel test miserably and it makes me sad.
I don't know, but it honestly feels like the author didn't have any good experiences with women.

On other things, the writing is medicore at best. Besides my all time favourite breath that has been held, there are just too many irrelevant details. "Oooh I've been sitting in the kitchen in my cremem jumper, eating carbonarra with a silver firk that had swirls engraved". Ok, tha was obvs not the direct quote but you know what I mean. Do I care what a character has been eating exactly? No, unless it's important bc they will choke on in or throw it at somebody's face.

The onlypositive thing I can say abou it that it's a realy fast read and the switching between the POVs is effortless.
That's all.
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